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Fares and Passes

It costs $2.25 to ride the subway, trolley, or Silver Line 1-3 and $1.70 to ride the bus with a CharlieCard. If you use a CharlieTicket or cash it costs a little more. Fares on the Commuter Rail, ferry, and The RIDE depend on how far you travel. Reduced fare programs are available.

Multi-trip and monthly passes are available for all modes except The RIDE. 1-day and weekly passes are available for the subway and bus. The most common fares include transfers to other modes and lines.

Tickets and passes can be purchased in stations or at retail stores in Greater Boston. You can also buy some products on your smartphone or online. The MBTA does not refund any fare products.

Commuter Rail and Ferry Fares

Commuter Rail and ferry fares depend on how far you travel.

The ranges for a standard one-way ticket on the Commuter Rail and ferry are:

Round-trip, 10-ride, and monthly passes are also available for the Commuter Rail and ferry.

The RIDE Fares

The RIDE is the MBTA’s shared paratransit service. Fares are determined by the location of the destination and whether you make changes to your reservation. All fares are one way. Prices are:

ADA Ride Fare

Destination is:

  • Less than ¾ mile from an active MBTA bus or subway stop/station OR
  • In the core RIDE service area

You may also pay a premium fare if you:

Premium Ride Fare

Destination is:

  • More than ¾ mile from an active MBTA bus or subway stop/station OR
  • Not within the core RIDE service area

You may also pay a premium fare if you:

  • Request same-day service changes
  • Change your reservation after 5 PM for service the next day

Reduced Fares

Children 11 and younger traveling with an adult and people who are blind or visually impaired may ride MBTA services for free. Seniors, people with disabilities, and some students are eligible for reduced fares.

Learn more about reduced fare eligibility

Where to Buy Tickets and Passes

You can buy your MBTA ticket or pass at a station, on your smartphone, online, or at a retail store. Read our guide to discover the different places and ways to buy.

Find out where to buy

Online CharlieCard Services

You can add cash value or passes for the bus and subway to your CharlieCard online. You can also order monthly passes for the Commuter Rail, Express Bus, and ferry.

Learn more about CharlieCards

Pass Programs

Employers, schools, and visitor groups can buy MBTA passes in bulk. These programs have benefits like online account management, automatic monthly CharlieCard reloads, and advance ordering. For more information, visit the Pass Program website or call 888-844-0353.

Learn about the MBTA's Pass Programs