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Bike Rules

Street bikes are not allowed on the T during rush hours, and they’re never allowed on the Green Line or Mattapan Trolley. More details:

Line/ServiceBlue LineWeekdaysInbound: Yes, except 7 – 9 AM
Outbound: Yes, except 4 – 6 PM
Line/ServiceOrange LineWeekdaysYes, except 7 – 10 AM and 4 – 7 PMWeekendsYes
Line/ServiceRed LineWeekdaysYes, except 7 – 10 AM and 4 – 7 PMWeekendsYes
Line/ServiceGreen LineWeekdaysNoWeekendsNo
Line/ServiceMattapan TrolleyWeekdaysNoWeekendsNo
Line/ServiceCommuter RailWeekdaysYes, except rush hours.
Look for the bike symbol on PDF schedules.
Line/ServiceBus and Silver LineWeekdaysYes, on bike racksWeekendsYes, on bike racks

Bikes may also be prohibited on certain holidays, during special events, or if service disruptions warrant. Check service updates for current information.

Additionally, bikes are not allowed on platforms in these stations:

Folding bikes are allowed on all services at all times if they’re completely folded.

Motorized bikes and vehicles are not allowed on the T at any time.

How to Bring Your Bike with You on the MBTA

How to Park Your Bike at an MBTA Station

Additional Biking Resources


Contact Customer Support with your bike-related questions.