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Commuter Rail Fares

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Read our step-by-step guides to paying your fare on each MBTA mode, and find info about transfers, where to buy tickets, and more.

Commuter Rail stations are assigned a Zone from 1A – 10, based on their distance from Boston. The Zones of your origin and destination station determine how much a ticket costs. Browse a table of all Zones and prices.

One-Way Fares

Commuter Rail One-Way

$2.25 – $12.50

with a CharlieTicket or mTicket

Price based on Zone, no transfers

To find out the cost of your trip, use our Commuter Rail fares finder.


Each Commuter Rail station is assigned a Zone from 1A – 10 that determines the price of a ticket. You can find the Zone of your station using our fare finder or Zone map.


$22.50 – $125

Packet of 10 one-way tickets for a specific zone. Expire 90 days after purchase date. Available on mTicket or as paper tickets.

Valid on 

Monthly Commuter Rail Pass with CharlieTicket

$84.50 – $398.25

Unlimited travel for 1 calendar month on Commuter Rail up to the Zone of the pass, bus, and subway. Zone 6 and up also valid on ferry. Zone 1A not valid on Express Bus.

CharlieTicket valid on 

Monthly Commuter Rail Pass with mTicket

$74.50 – $388.25

Unlimited travel for 1 calendar month on Commuter Rail up to the Zone of the pass. No transfers to other modes.

CharlieTicket valid on  

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How to Pay Your Commuter Rail Fare

Conductors will verify check your ticket or pass after you board the train.  

Tip! During Fare Is Fair events, your ticket will be checked on the platform before you board.

First, choose how you'll pay your fare


Best for frequent riders who also use 
Monthly passes valid on subway and bus, ferry with Zone 6+
Online management


Best for infrequent riders or pass holders who don't use 
$10 discount on monthly passes 
Convenient smartphone app for ticket purchase and validation

Download on the App Store   Get it on Google Play

You can also use cash onboard to purchase one-way and round trip tickets. Please note that this isn't available during Fare is Fair events, and there may be a $3 fee if you boarded at a station with a fare vending machine or ticket booth.

Then, choose where to buy your ticket or pass

Then, board the train

The conductor will verify your fare payment after you board the train. The only exception to this is during Fare Is Fair events, when they will check your ticket before you board. 

The conductor may tuck a small piece of paper on the seat back in front of you to indicate that you paid your fare.

When you arrive

You don’t have to validate your ticket when you reach your destination.