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Commuter Rail Fare Zones

The Commuter Rail is divided into 11 fare zones, from Zone 1A to Zone 10. Stations in metro Boston are in Zone 1A, and every Zone beyond that indicates each station's distance from Boston.

Your Commuter Rail fare depends on which Zones your boarding and exiting stations are located in. 

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Commuter Rail Fares by Zone

All 1-way and monthly Commuter Rail Zone and Interzone fares are listed in the table below. Round trip fares are sold as two 1-way tickets.

Seniors, students, and people with disabilities may be eligible for reduced fares.

Zone1-wayReduced 1-wayMonthly PassMonthly mTicket
ZoneZone 1A1-way$2.25Reduced 1-way$1.10Monthly Pass$84.50Monthly mTicket$74.50
ZoneZone 11-way$6.25Reduced 1-way$3.10Monthly Pass$200.25Monthly mTicket$190.25
ZoneInterzone 11-way$2.75Reduced 1-way$1.35Monthly Pass$90.25Monthly mTicket$80.25
ZoneZone 21-way$6.75Reduced 1-way$3.35Monthly Pass$217.75Monthly mTicket$207.75
ZoneInterzone 21-way$3.25Reduced 1-way$1.60Monthly Pass$110.25Monthly mTicket$100.25
ZoneZone 31-way$7.50Reduced 1-way$3.75Monthly Pass$244.25Monthly mTicket$234.25
ZoneInterzone 31-way$3.50Reduced 1-way$1.75Monthly Pass$119.75Monthly mTicket$109.75
ZoneZone 41-way$8.25Reduced 1-way$4.10Monthly Pass$263.00Monthly mTicket$253.00
ZoneInterzone 41-way$4.00Reduced 1-way$2.00Monthly Pass$130.25Monthly mTicket$120.25
ZoneZone 51-way$9.25Reduced 1-way$4.60Monthly Pass$291.50Monthly mTicket$281.50
ZoneInterzone 51-way$4.50Reduced 1-way$2.25Monthly Pass$148.00Monthly mTicket$138.00
ZoneZone 61-way$10.00Reduced 1-way$5.00Monthly Pass$318.00Monthly mTicket$308.00
ZoneInterzone 61-way$5.00Reduced 1-way$2.50Monthly Pass$167.00Monthly mTicket$157.00
ZoneZone 71-way$10.50Reduced 1-way$5.25Monthly Pass$336.50Monthly mTicket$326.50
ZoneInterzone 71-way$5.50Reduced 1-way$2.75Monthly Pass$183.75Monthly mTicket$173.75
ZoneZone 81-way$11.50Reduced 1-way$5.75Monthly Pass$363.00Monthly mTicket$353.00
ZoneInterzone 81-way$6.00Reduced 1-way$3.00Monthly Pass$202.75Monthly mTicket$192.75
ZoneZone 91-way$12.00Reduced 1-way$6.00Monthly Pass$379.50Monthly mTicket$369.50
ZoneInterzone 91-way$6.50Reduced 1-way$3.25Monthly Pass$221.50Monthly mTicket$211.50
ZoneZone 101-way$12.50Reduced 1-way$6.25Monthly Pass$398.25Monthly mTicket$388.25
ZoneInterzone 101-way$7.00Reduced 1-way$3.50Monthly Pass$240.50Monthly mTicket$230.50


Commuter Rail Map

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Map of all Commuter Rail lines, with subway lines also featured less prominently.
This map includes all Commuter Rail lines and select subway stations.

Commuter Rail Zones

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Map of all Commtuer Rail lines, with shading to indicate which fare zone each station is in
This map includes all Commuter Rail fare zones, 1A - Zone 10.