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Service Alerts For Fitchburg Line Close
  • Delay
    Fitchburg Train 416 (12:00 pm from Wachusett) has departed Wachusett and is operating near schedule.

    Affected direction:
    Last Updated: Today at 12:06P
  • Station Closure (Ongoing)
    Weekday trains will bypass Fitchburg Station from approximately 9:00 am until 4:30 pm due to a tie replacement project. A shuttle bus will be provided between Fitchburg and North Leominster.

    Inbound trains will depart Wachusett as scheduled. They will bypass Fitchburg Station and meet the bus shuttle from Fitchburg Station at North Leominster. This tie replacement work is expected to be completed by April 27th.
    Passengers traveling inbound from Fitchburg Station will board a Paul Revere shuttle bus at Fitchburg Station and be transported to North Leominster to connect with the inbound train for continued inbound service.
    Passengers traveling from Wachusett to Fitchburg should notify the the train crew on the platform at Wachusett prior to departure or arrange alternative transportation to Fitchburg Station.
    Outbound passengers bound for Fitchburg Station will alight at North Leominster where they will board the shuttle bus to Fitchburg Station.
    Passengers planning to travel from Fitchburg to Wachusett on these mid-day trains should call Customer Service at 617-222-3200.

    Affected trips:
    403 (7:43 am from North Station)
    405 (8:45 am from North Station)
    Last Updated: Today at 07:47A
  • Station Issue (Ongoing)
    Access to the east entrance of North Station is available through a covered walkway. Legends Way is closed to pedestrian access.

    Customers are advised that the pedestrian route for customers transferring from the Green and Orange Line exits at Causeway and Beverly St into North Station Commuter Rail will be moved slightly to accommodate ongoing construction work.
    After crossing Causeway St, pedestrians will use a protected walkway along the east side of Legends Way, directly abutting Portal Park. The walkway will include a barrier and kick-plate for blind and low vision passengers.
    As an alternative, customers may consider utilizing the west exit from North Station Commuter Rail due to congestion.
    Last Updated: 11/22/2017 12:55P
Delay: Fitchburg Train 416 (12:00 pm from Wachusett)… Delay: Fitchburg Train 416 (12:00 pm from Wachusett) has departed Wachusett and is operating ne… Delay: Fitchburg Train 416 (12:00 pm from Wachusett) has departed Wachusett and is operating near schedule. Delay: Fitchburg Train 416 (12:00 pm from Wachusett) has departed Wachusett and is operating near schedule. Delay: Fitchburg Train 416 (12:00 pm from Wachusett) has departed Wachusett and is operating near schedule. +2 more View
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