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Route 215

Route Map


Fields Corner Sta @ Geneva Ave
Park St Busway @ Dorchester Ave
Dorchester Ave opp Gibson St
Dorchester Ave @ Melville Ave
1621 Dorchester Ave opp Dix St
Dorchester Ave @ Centre St
Dorchester Ave @ Cheverus Rd
Dorchester Ave opp Shepton St
Dorchester Ave @ Banton St
Dorchester Ave @ Talbot Ave
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Dorchester Ave @ Gallivan Blvd
Gallivan Blvd @ Hutchinson St
Gallivan Blvd opp Huron Circle
Gallivan Blvd opp Carruth St
Gallivan Blvd @ Adams St
Granite Ave @ Gallivan Blvd
Granite Ave @ Milton St
Granite Ave opp Hilltop St
Granite Ave opp Courtland Circle
Granite Ave opp Thistle Ave
Granite Ave opp Hope Ave
Granite Ave @ Squantum St
Granite Ave opp Emerson Rd
Granite Ave opp Wood St
Adams St @ Mechanic St
Robertson St @ Adams St
Robertson St opp Kimball St
Robertson St @ Ballou St
Robertson St @ Quarry St
Willard St @ Robertson St
Willard St opp Rogers St
Willard St @ California Ave
Willard St @ Bates Ave
Copeland St opp Badgers Ln
Copeland St @ Furnace Ave
Copeland St @ Cross St
Copeland St @ Furnace Brook Pkwy
Copeland St @ Centre St
Copeland St opp Buckley St
Copeland St @ Granite St
Franklin St @ Water St
Hancock St @ Walter J Hannon Pkwy
Hancock St @ Cottage Ave
Granite St @ Hancock St
Quincy Center
Commuter Rail Zone 1

Route Map

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday:

Inbound: 05:06A-11:26P

Outbound: 05:27A-11:59P


Inbound: 05:06A-11:38P

Outbound: 05:31A-12:11A


Inbound: 07:03A-09:32P

Outbound: 06:55A-10:29P

Holiday Schedule Information

Upcoming Holidays:
  • Christmas Day (December 25, 2017)
  • New Years Day (January 1, 2018)
  • Martin Luther King Day (January 15, 2018)