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Service Area and Providers

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Learn more about The RIDE, MBTA’s door-to-door, shared-ride paratransit service.

The RIDE Access Center (TRAC) provides reservations, scheduling, and dispatching for the 3 RIDE service providers, Greater Lynn Senior Services (GLSS), National Express Transit (NEXT), and Veterans Transportation LLC (VTS). These 3 vendors provide the drivers, vehicles, and service to customers. 


To schedule trips, please contact TRAC:


844-427-7433 (Voice, toll-free)
857-206-6569 (TTY, toll-free)


The first time you login, you can do so with your RIDE ID#. Your password is your birthday, in the MMDDYYYY format. You will be asked to provide up to 12 common pick-up/drop-off locations to be entered into the scheduling system. 

Service Areas

The core service area includes Boston Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville. The RIDE also provides service to these communities in eastern Massachusetts:

Service Outside Greater Boston


There are 15 regional transit authorities (RTAs) across Massachusetts that provide paratransit services. Contact the RTA in your area directly for travel options.

Other States

RIDE customers can also use paratransit services in other cities around the country. You can travel up to 21 days in each area per year. Bring your certification of ADA paratransit eligibility with you when you travel. Contact the transit authority in the area you’re visiting for more information.