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Bus Route


Squire Rd @ Showcase Cinema
Kennedy Dr @ Central Ave
Kennedy Dr @ Main Stop
Kennedy Dr @ Central Ave
Salem St @ Marshall St N
Salem St opp Clifton St
Lincoln Ave opp Laurel St
Lincoln Ave @ Western Ave
Lincoln Ave @ Lincoln Ct
Lincoln Ave @ Cliftondale Sq
Lincoln Ave @ Charlotte Rd
Lincoln Ave opp Kent St
Lincoln Ave @ Morton Ave
Lincoln Ave @ Sunnyside Pk
Lincoln Ave @ Nason Rd
Lincoln Ave opp Atlantic Ave
Lincoln Ave @ Bristow St
Lincoln Ave opp Overlea Ave
Lincoln Ave @ Guild Rd
Lincoln Ave @ Bates St
Winter St @ Chestnut St
Winter St @ Stocker St
Winter St opp Westland Ave
Winter St @ Riverside Pk
Winter St opp Kenwood Ave
Winter St opp E Denver St
Winter St @ Central St
Central St @ Jasper St
Central St @ Hamilton St
Main St opp Kennedy Dr
Main St opp Pierce Memorial Dr
Main St @ Lynn Fells Pkwy
Farm St @ Nahant St - Wakefield HS


CharlieCard $4.00

CharlieTicket or Cash $5.00

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Orange Line

Green Line C

Green Line E

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday

Inbound 06:40A-08:53A

Outbound 04:50P-06:51P

Upcoming Holidays

  • Labor Day (September 3, 2018)
  • Columbus Day (October 8, 2018)
  • Veterans’ Day (November 11, 2018)
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