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Emergency Instructions

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Learn more about staying safe on the T, or report an emergency to the Transit Police.

If you see any of the following things, please dial 911 or call the MBTA Transit Police at 617-222-1212.

  • Someone in distress, whether it’s you or another passenger
  • Smoke or fire
  • Unattended packages or bags
  • Suspicious activity—even if it seems insignificant

We will ask you to provide as much information as possible, including your location, the transit line(s) you’re near, and the type of emergency. Please follow any instructions provided by Transit Police and MBTA staff.

If you are medically qualified and able to help in an emergency, please identify yourself to the Transit Police or T staff.

If there’s a fire alarm or you are asked to evacuate, please stay calm and proceed to the nearest safe exit. Always use the stairs rather than an elevator or escalator. If you can, please assist seniors and passengers with disabilities.

Bus emergency

If there is an emergency on board a bus, the exterior lights will flash green, and the destination displays will say “Emergency. Call Transit Police.” If you see this, call the Transit Police immediately.

We will ask you to provide the location of the bus, including the street and town, the bus number, and the direction it’s going. You can find the bus number on all sides of the bus.

Planning your commute

Some emergencies may close stations or cause delays. Plan ahead of time and check for service updates online or by calling 617-222-3200, TTY 617-222-5146.