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Ruggles Station Commuter Rail Platform

Updated on April 27, 2018

New Ruggles Station platform location from an aerial view

About the Project

Timeline: 2017 – 2020
Status: Construction

Ruggles Station is the fourth-busiest destination for Commuter Rail service, but the current track layout limits the number of trains that can stop there. Today, 30% of Commuter Rail trains bypass Ruggles to stop at Back Bay, so riders have to take the Orange Line back to Ruggles for bus or shuttle service.

A new Commuter Rail platform and updated busway will ease congestion along the Commuter Rail and make it easier for customers to transfer to the other modes of transit at Ruggles Station.

Project Features

  • A new 800-foot Commuter Rail platform serving the Providence/Stoughton and Franklin lines
  • Reconstructed lower busway
  • New elevators throughout the station

Commuter Benefits

  • More trains will stop at Ruggles Station so customers don't need to backtrack from Back Bay
  • Improved accessibility features for customers on the Orange Line and Commuter Rail
  • Reduced traffic for Commuter Rail and Amtrak trains
  • Reduced maintenance costs and service impacts

Service Alerts

  • The upper busway will be closed March 2018 – May 2018
  • All buses will pick up and drop off in the lower busway (station signage is provided)

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Contact Information

For all queries and comments related to Ruggles Station Commuter Rail Platform, please contact:

Desiree Patrice, Project Manager