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Newton Highlands Station Accessibility Improvements

Updated on March 22, 2019

Rendering of a new ramp from Walnut Street

About the Project

Between 2018 and 2019, upgrades to Newton Highlands Station are being designed. These updates will make the station accessible to people with disabilities and remove barriers to access on the Green Line.

In addition, a temporary ramp is being constructed at the station to make it accessible while work along the D Branch requires shuttle service overnight and on some weekends. This ramp will be demolished before work on the permanent accessibility upgrades begin.

Why We're Doing This Work

The overall accessibility of the MBTA has improved significantly in the last decade, but a number of stations on the Green Line present numerous barriers to access for people with disabilities. At Newton Highlands, these barriers include station access and boarding and exiting trains.

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Contact Information

For all queries and comments related to Newton Highlands Station Accessibility Improvements, please contact:

Thomas Rovero, Project Manager