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Foxboro Weekday Service Pilot

Under the canopy of the Commuter Rail platform at Foxboro Station

A year-long pilot of weekday Commuter Rail service to Foxboro will begin in October 2019.

Foxboro Station is ideal for people who usually commute from nearby stations that are particularly crowded during peak commute times, and for reverse commuters who drive down from Boston. It’s just a short drive from:


As many as 500 parking spaces will be available for commuters. Daily parking will cost $4.


Foxboro is in Zone 4, and one-way, round trip, and monthly CharlieTicket and mTicket passes will be valid for travel.

Learn more about Commuter Rail fares

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Zone 4 One-Way


with CharlieTicket, Cash, or mTicket App

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Zone 4 Round Trip


with CharlieTicket, Cash, or mTicket App

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Zone 4 Monthly Pass


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Zone 4 Monthly Pass


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Below is a draft schedule. Check back here in September for the final schedule.

Inbound to Boston

Leave FoxboroArrive at South Station
Leave Foxboro5:48 AMArrive at South Station6:52 AM
Leave Foxboro7:30 AMArrive at South Station8:24 AM
Leave Foxboro8:20 AMArrive at South Station9:16 AM
Leave Foxboro10:30 AMArrive at South Station11:30 AM
Leave Foxboro1:30 PMArrive at South Station2:30 PM
Leave Foxboro4:33 PMArrive at South Station5:33 PM
Leave Foxboro5:26 PMArrive at South Station6:16 PM
Leave Foxboro6:37 PMArrive at South Station7:38 PM
Leave Foxboro7:40 PMArrive at South Station8:25 PM
Leave Foxboro9:50 PMArrive at South Station10:50 PM

Outbound to Foxboro

Leave South StationArrive at Foxboro
Leave South Station6:05 AMArrive at Foxboro7:00 AM
Leave South Station7:05 AMArrive at Foxboro8:05 AM
Leave South Station8:50 AMArrive at Foxboro9:39 AM
Leave South Station11:45 AMArrive at Foxboro12:42 PM
Leave South Station2:45 PMArrive at Foxboro3:51 PM
Leave South Station4:15 PMArrive at Foxboro5:11 PM
Leave South Station5:03 PMArrive at Foxboro6:05 PM
Leave South Station6:30 PMArrive at Foxboro7:25 PM
Leave South Station8:15 PMArrive at Foxboro9:18 PM
Leave South Station10:00 PMArrive at Foxboro10:55 PM