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Franklin Line Weekend Bus Shuttles

Updated on May 4, 2018

Weekends April 7 – May 27, 2018

While the MBTA installs equipment needed for Positive Train Control (PTC), bus shuttles will replace weekend Commuter Rail service between Forge Park/495 and Readville stations on the Franklin Line.

Bus shuttle from Forge Park/495 to Readville, where riders can connect to the Commuter Rail.

* There is no weekend Commuter Rail service at Plimptonville and Hyde Park. Therefore, bus shuttles will not stop at these 2 stations.

Shuttle Stops

Free, accessible bus shuttles will travel between Forge Park/495 and Readville, making all stops (except Plimptonville*).

At Readville, you can connect to the Franklin Line Commuter Rail train, making all stops between Readville and South Station (except Hyde Park*). You'll need to pay a Zone 2 fare.

How to pay your Commuter Rail fare

Shuttle Schedule


Shuttles depart Forge Park/495 at:

  • 6:35 AM**
  • 8:35 AM**
  • 10:40 AM
  • 12:40 PM
  • 2:35 PM
  • 4:35 PM
  • 6:35 PM
  • 8:35 PM
  • 10:35 PM


Shuttles depart Readville at:

  • 7:38 AM**
  • 9:38 AM**
  • 11:38 AM
  • 1:38 PM
  • 3:38 PM
  • 5:38 PM
  • 7:38 PM
  • 9:38 PM
  • 11:38 PM

** Saturday only

Download a PDF of the bus shuttle schedule

View the Franklin Line live schedule


Where do riders board the shuttle?

We'll post directional signage at every station and on the street to aid riders. (Bus shuttles are unable to enter or turn around at some Commuter Rail stations due to space limitations.)

Why do you have to shut down this part of the Franklin Line?

Amtrak is nearly done with PTC installation between Readville and South Station, so that part of the line can remain open. The MBTA needs to begin PTC installation between Forge Park/495 and Readville, so that part of the line needs to be shut down.

Why do trains have to stop running?

Due to the number of crews working on different activities (installing poles, fiber optic cable, signal houses, and antenna) in different locations along the line, everything outbound of Readville needs to be shut down.

Why now?

Our time frame is tight because of a federal deadline. Because each Commuter Rail line needs PTC equipment installed, we need to start work as soon as weather permits.



Download a PDF of the above information