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Parking Rules and Policies

For your safety and the safety of other commuters, we ask that you follow these rules and policies when parking at MBTA lots and garages. Violating them may result in a ticket or fine, and your vehicle may be towed.

If you notice anything suspicious at an MBTA lot or garage, call the Transit Police at 617-222-1212.

Safety and Security

  • MBTA lots and garages are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Some lots fill up quickly during the week. Please plan your commute accordingly.
  • Cars parked outside of regular parking spots may be towed.
  • Please note that you park at your own risk. Be sure to lock your vehicle and put away your valuables.
  • Be careful entering and exiting your vehicle—the ground may be snowy, icy, or wet.
  • If you need help, use the garage intercom, and an MBTA staff member will assist you.
  • If you have car trouble while in an MBTA garage, please alert an attendant.

Paying for Parking

You need to pay for your parking before you leave the lot or you will receive a ticket for the daily rate plus $.50.

You'll then get an invoice at the end of the month with a summary of all the tickets for each day you haven't paid. You have 30 days from the date of the invoice to pay the tickets, or you'll receive a $10 fine for each ticket. You also may not be able to renew your license and registration with the RMV if you don't pay.

Garage parking can be paid for in advance or when leaving the garage for the day. Speak with the attendant on duty or pay at the pay stations.

Overnight Parking


Overnight parking is allowed at all MBTA garages.


Cars parked at MBTA lots after 2 AM and earlier than 30 minutes before the first train is scheduled to leave the station may be towed or ticketed.

Long-term parking is not available on MBTA property. Cars left for more than 30 days will be towed.

Winter Parking

When it snows, MBTA staff and subcontractors will be on duty to ensure roadways and lots are clear. However, snowfall may limit available parking spaces. Please plan ahead by checking service alerts, and give yourself extra time on your commute.

Any cars parked outside of designated spaces or overnight may be ticketed and/or towed.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

At some MBTA lots and garages, there are designated spaces with charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids.

These spaces are reserved for EVs and hybrids with plug-in functionality, and your car must be plugged in when using them. Most MBTA charging stations are managed by ChargePoint. Visit the ChargePoint website to sign up, learn about fees, and find charging stations.

You also need to pay the daily rate for the spot.

EVs and hybrids

You may be ticketed or towed if you don't plug in your car when parking at a charging station.

Non-plug-in vehicles

You may be ticketed or towed if you park at a charging station spot.

If you have questions about these policies, please contact Customer Support.