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Guide To WinterTime Travel On The T

MBTA prepares for winter storms, and shares travel tips with customers commuting during inclement weather.


The MBTA Offices for Reduced Fare CharlieCard at Back Bay station and Downtown Crossing station will be closed Wednesday January 12th due to Snow Storm:

Snow On The Way

At the first indication that snow is on the way, the MBTA has in place a plan that works around the clock to keep the system moving:

  • Trains are put into service as needed to prevent rails and overhead electrical wires from icing up.  Special heaters are activated to keep rails and switches ice-free.
  • Trains stored outdoors are moved periodically; mechanical systems are kept running; and doors and cab windows are frequently opened and shut to prevent freezing.
  • MBTA Bus Stops and Snow Removal: Who′s Responsible?
    Properly clearing snow and ice from bus stops is an essential part of operating a system that is safe and accessible for all passengers. Depending on the bus stop, the responsibility may fall to one of several entities. To learn more, including who to contact if you notice a stop obstructed by snow/ice and to find a complete inventory of MBTA bus shelters go to's Accessibility section.
  • Snow routes are activated when necessary.  The MBTA has identified 31 Snow Routes (listed below) that travel on hills or along narrow streets and, depending upon the severity of snow, segments of the route may have to be diverted.  To get the most up – to-date information on snow routes, customers can log onto the T’s website at, T- Alerts, or listen to the local news.

Being Prepared Helps Everyone

In addition to preparing months in advance for the winter season, the MBTA seeks the cooperation of its customers and recommends the following travel tips during inclement weather:

  • Allow extra time for travel
  • Have CharlieCard ready prior to approaching service
  • Parking customers - If accumulated snow prevents you from determining your space number, use the snow payment envelope placed on your vehicle to be used on return trip.  Place Snow Payment envelope containing the daily fee into the collection box before exiting the lot.  Park Mobile customers should contact standard park mobile payment process before exiting lot.
  • If you are dependent on elevator/escalator service please call the service hotline at (617)222-2828 or 800-392-6100 (press 6) to make sure service is available.
  • For customer support call an MBTA Customer Support Representative at:  617-222-3200 or 800-392-6100, TTY 617-222-5146 Monday through Friday 6:30 AM to 8:00 PM and Sat/Sun from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM.

Snow Routes
During severe storms we may need to activate bus “Snow Routes”
Below are the standard snow routes for buses.  Please check T-alerts to see if your bus is running a snow route AND for further adjustments to your route.

Note:  Please be aware of road conditions in your community as occasionally other bus routes may be detoured as well.  If roads are impassable or general traffic is not moving, buses will be late or local authorities may require detours.

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