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MBTA Community Recycling Event


Salem, MA - - The MBTA held its first Community Recycling Event on Saturday June 16th at the Commuter Rail parking lot. The MBTA works with Northeast Materials from Lowell, MA that specializes in the dismantling of land-band items from appliances to air conditioners to computers.

recyclingThe turnout exceeded expectations with over 400 cars, trucks, and vans dropping off their stuff. The response was overwhelmingly positive since people were able to responsibly recycle their stuff for free. People were pleased that the MBTA would put on such an event, and were grateful they did. In fact Mayor Kim Driscoll and her kids showed up after traveling from New York City and a school field trip.

The Mayor was very happy that so many people showed up and was surprised by the huge amount of material being recycled. She Tweeted, “Huge turnout 4 community recycling event sponsored by MassDOT at Salem T station. 400+ cars already thru + helping recycle tons of electronics.” recyclingmayorThe total weight received was 48,839 lbs. of which 8,009 were televisions.

The event was sponsored by the MBTA along with a joint effort from the City of Salem, Salem Recycles, the Salem Chamber of Commerce, and the Public School System.

Northeast Materials is a company that deals with waste management in a new and efficient way. They dismantle all the material at their facility in the old Prince Spaghetti factory in Lowell. After they dismantle it and separate the material by commodity, it is then sent to specific companies that reuse the raw material. Therefore they are able to deal with the material with a Zero Landfill Impact.

The MBTA is planning to do a number of these events in the coming year and the Mayor and citizens of Salem already are asking if the MBTA will come back next year and make it an annual event!


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