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Franklin Line: Weekend Shuttles, September – November 2019

Bus shuttles replace Franklin Line service between Forge Park/495 and Readville Stations while we upgrade the signal system as part of Positive Train Control (PTC). Also during this work, connecting train service between Readville and South Station will be on the Fairmount Line.

PTC will improve safety on Commuter Rail by automatically reducing a train’s speed or even stopping it to avoid a collision or derailment.

Line graphic of the Franklin Line, showing shuttles between Forge Park/495 and Readville, but not stopping at Norwood Depot, Islington, and Endicott. From Readville to South Station, the Franklin Line will travel on the Fairmount Line, so it will not make its usual stops.

September 7 – November 24, 2019
Saturdays – Sundays

no service Between Forge Park/495 and Readville, shuttles bypass 3 stations

Due to the close proximity of adjacent stations, shuttles will not stop at:

If you are continuing on to South Station, you’ll transfer from a shuttle to a Fairmount Line train at Readville.

Note: The last 2 trips of the night, which depart Forge Park/495 at 8:40 PM and 10:40 PM, are shuttle-only all the way to South Station.

no service Between Readville and South Station, trains will not stop at 2 stations

Connecting train service between Readville and South Station will be on the Fairmount Line and will not stop at:

  • Ruggles
  • Back Bay

Note: The last trip of the night is shuttle-only and departs South Station at 11:20 PM.

If you're traveling to South Station from Readville, please plan for extra time to make regular Fairmount Line stops.

Shuttle Schedule

bus Download the shuttle schedule in your preferred language: