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Bids and Solicitations

The MBTA conducts business with third-party companies in a variety of ways, depending on the nature of the work, the value of the contract, and the department managing the procurement. 


There are 4 ways to do business with the MBTA:


For general goods and services, whenever available, the MBTA uses vendors on the statewide contract. Register with COMMBUYS to bid on opportunities with the Commonwealth.


For small goods and services contracts (valued at less than $50,000), the MBTA uses the Fairmarkit bidding platform. You can bid on any contract without registering. 

Capital Delivery Contracts

The MBTA manages procurements for Capital Delivery projects internally. These are typically multi-year, multi-phase design and construction projects involving vendors in a variety of fields, but may also include professional services contracts for engineering reviews or audits of MBTA programs. 

Procurement and Logistics Contracts

The MBTA manages its own purchasing for goods and services contracts valued at more than $50,000. Typical needs include automotive and railcar maintenance services, fare media, uniforms, industrial supplies, and more.


Register with the MBTA and get notified of bids in your industry.

MBTA Solicitations

There are 2 departments that manage MBTA contracts: 

  • Capital Delivery, which manages professional services and construction purchasing for Capital Delivery projects
  • Procurement and Logistics, which manages materials purchasing for general MBTA operations

Open Bids

Upcoming Bids

Awarded Contracts

Bid Appeal and Protest Procedures

Additional Capital Delivery Documentation

Additional Procurement and Logistics Documentation