For public safety reasons, Boylston and Park Street Stations will be closed today at approximately 12:00 PM    

For public safety reasons, Boylston and Park Street Stations will be closed today at approximately 12:00 PM    
Accessible Services
Customer Assistance Area

The Customer Assistance Area

In an effort to improve service for our customers, the MBTA is in the process of installing areas on the platform where customers can wait to seek assistance in boarding the train, locating a different platform, or finding the exit. This page will explain the concept of the "Customer Assistance Area", the access features that can be found in the Customer Assistance Area, and how to provide us with feedback about the Customer Assistance Area.

About the Customer Assistance Area

The Customer Assistance Area is being designed to provide customers with a safe and convenient place to wait for assistance from MBTA staff. From this area, customers will be able to:

  • Call and wait for assistance in boarding the train
  • Call and wait for assistance in locating another station platform, elevators, or exits.

Customer Assistance Area Locations

Presently, the Customer Assistance Area may be found at the following locations:

  • South Station (Red Line northbound and southbound blatforms).
  • Back Bay Station
  • Forest Hills Station
  • North Station (Orange Line northbound and southbound platforms only)
  • Orient Heights Station (Government Center-bound platform only)

This site will be updated as additional stations receive the Customer Assistance Area. Check this site often to see if your station has received the Customer Assistance Area.

The Location of the Customer Assistance Area

Generally, the Customer Assistance Area will be located near the center of the platform for customer convenience. The far end of many station platforms are uncovered--exposing waiting customers to the rain and other elements.


Access Features at the Customer Assistance Area Include

  • Mobile bridgeplates that can be used to board the train.
  • Call Boxes
  • Benches
  • Improved Lighting
  • Signage Identifying the Customer Assistance Area in large type and in braille

Seeking Assistance from the Customer Assistance Area

To seek assistance from the Customer Assistance Area:

  • Press the button on the call box to seek assistance. Although it may take a few moments for someone to respond to your request to talk, someone will answer you as soon as possible.
  • Once an MBTA member of staff arrives at the Customer Assistance Area, they will assist you in boarding using the mobile bridgeplate, locating the exit, or any other reasonable request.