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Construction 1-Week Look Ahead

Updated on April 18, 2018

Wollaston Station on the Red Line closed for renovation on Monday, January 8, 2018.

Construction Activities: April 23 – 27

The MBTA's contractor, LM Heavy Civil Construction, is working at Wollaston and Quincy Center stations in 2 shifts this week:

  • Day shift: 7 AM – 3:30 PM
  • Night shift: 9 PM – 5 AM


Find out how the Wollaston Station closure affects your trip

Day Shift

  • Single-track operation Monday – Friday, 10 AM – 2 PM
  • Single-track construction activity: continue platform slab demolition
  • Work on watermain valve and install cathodic protection
  • Stockpile soils
  • Relocate track drainage around headhouse foundation
  • Waterproof footings for escalator and elevator pits
  • Saw-cut for underground plumbing
  • Excavate pile caps and grade beams
  • On Newport Ave, drill mini-piles and excavate; set up traffic control as needed
  • Install mini-piles at Stair 6
  • Build foundation support walls, pour concrete
  • Install underground electric and utilities

Quincy Center

Learn about the Quincy Center Garage demolition

    Day Shift

    • Complete temporary busway and parking area
    • Set up construction work zone
    • Mobilize large crane to work site
    • Continue demolition of bus canopy
    • Continue installation of shielding system around garage to protect public from demolition debris
    • Drive piles for accessible walkway on Burgin Pkwy side of station
    • Plumbing and standpipe work
    • Electrical work, including lighting, security cameras, and relocation of start booth
    • Elevator Control Room: roof work, steel/rubber
    • Continue concrete repairs
    • Continue Burgin Parkway work zone activities

    Night Shift

    The following activities will create noise and may be disruptive. Please email with any concerns.

    • Erect a protective canopy at Burgin Pkwy and Hancock St pedestrian entrances to the station

    Upcoming Weekend Work

    • Friday night, May 5 – Sunday night, May 7
    • Friday night, May 18 – Sunday night, May 20
    • Additional weekend TBD