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Red Line Test Track Progress

Updated on July 25, 2019

A crew along the Red Line test track in Cabot Yard uses exothermic welding to fuse separate pieces of rail together.
Workers weld rail on the access track that will bring all of the new vehicles from Cabot Yard to the test track. (July 2019)

We’ve been making progress on infrastructure investments that will help get new Red Line vehicles into service. 

  • Construction of the new Red Line test track is more than halfway done. The project includes installation of new track, power, and third rail.
  • The test track, which runs parallel to South Boston Bypass Road, is scheduled to be complete in summer 2019. When it’s done, the first stages of vehicle testing can begin.
  • An access and vehicle delivery track has also been installed for a direct connection to Cabot Yard to deliver, test, and commission new Red Line vehicles.   
  • Construction of the vehicle testing facility and preparation for the new power substation has also begun.

We look forward to the role these upgrades will play in bringing the new Red Line fleet into service.

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