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Greenbush Station Transit-Oriented Development Project Advances

BOSTON -- The MBTA’s Fiscal and Management Control Board (FMCB) today unanimously approved a property sale with The Drew Company that allows a Transit-Oriented Development project at Greenbush Station in Scituate to move forward

“The MBTA continues to leverage opportunities to advance underutilized property to advance transit-oriented housing and development around its stations,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “As the Commonwealth’s second largest property owner, the MBTA’s pursuit of private sector partnerships promotes public transit, local economic growth, and opportunities for the MBTA to boost non-fare revenue as it aims to control costs and reinvest in the core system.”

This development proposal aligns with the Baker-Polito Administration’s Real Estate Asset Leveraging (REAL) “Open for Business” Strategy for developing unused or underutilized state properties into new opportunities for transit-oriented housing, economic growth and job creation, increased revenue and reduced costs.

“With only 20 percent of the existing parking area currently in use, this development will transform the underutilized overflow parking area at Greenbush Station into new homes and retail opportunities that will benefit the surrounding community,” said MBTA Acting GM Brian Shortsleeve.

This approval comes as another example of the MBTA’s commitment to compact, walkable development focused around its stations. With the MBTA devoted to engagement with local communities in order to revitalize under-used, surplus property near its transit stations, the project will transform the land around Greenbush Station into a dynamic, mixed-use area including diverse housing and commercial space.

Utilizing the parking area at Greenbush Station to the east of New Driftway, the new development will allow approximately 88,000 square feet for 72 residential units as well as 11 affordable units for low-income residents. Approximately 18,000 square feet will be used for retail, commercial, and/or hotel space. While this parking area is being repurposed for the project, a total of 370 parking spaces are proposed to be preserved with 240 parking spaces preserved specifically for MBTA commuters at the Greenbush Station parking lot.

Construction of the project is expected to be accomplished in 16-18 months during one phase with 33 full- and part-time jobs generated.

For more information regarding other MBTA transit-oriented projects and opportunities, please visit the Massachusetts Realty Group website.

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