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Be Ready! September Is National Preparedness Month

1. Get a kit. Get or build an emergency kit that will last you three days or longer. Also consider a second, light weight kit that you can bring with you if you need to get away.

2. Make a plan. Plan in advance what you will do in case of an emergency by creating a family emergency plan, a shelter-in-place plan, and a plan to get away if you need to.

3. Be informed. Learn about potential hazards in your area and how you can better prepare for them. A wealth of information is available from federal, state, regional, local, and private resources.

4. Connect. Your public safety and transportation agencies provide news and resources that can help you and your family stay informed and up-to-date during and in advance of an emergency.

Read the full poster here: MassDOT National Preparedness Month 2013 Poster