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Red Line Schedule Reminders and Repair and Recovery Updates

Posted on June 13, 2019

red line Braintree branch customers will continue to change trains at JFK/UMass.

commuter rail Supplemental Commuter Rail trains will operate this evening and during tomorrow’s AM and PM commute between South Station, JFK/UMass, Quincy Center, and Braintree.

The MBTA today provided schedule reminders and an update on the repairs and recovery efforts taking place on the Red Line after Tuesday’s derailment.   

Repair and Recovery Update

MBTA crews are making progress in repairing damaged track, third rail, signals, switches, and bungalows on impacted portions of the Red Line. This includes the following repairs and updates: 

  • All track repair work is complete, including repair and replacement of the third rail.
  • Progress has been made to repair wires and cables in the JFK/UMass area 
  • During the derailment, heavy damage was sustained in a specific switch and signals area at JFK/UMass where the Ashmont and Braintree branches diverge on the Red Line. Work continues in this area by the MBTA’s Power, Signal, and Track Departments and every effort is being made to expedite the work as safely as possible. 
  • The MBTA will run test trains through the affected area this weekend. These tests will determine when Braintree branch service will resume through JFK/UMASS
  • Additional power and signal work is continuing. 

red line Red Line Schedule Reminder

  • Braintree branch customers need to change trains at JFK/UMass for continuing Red Line service. 
  • Ashmont branch customers do not need to switch trains at JFK/UMass. 
  • Customers should plan an additional 20 minutes of commuting time.
  • Braintree branch customers can continue to take the Middleborough/Lakeville, Kingston/Plymouth, or Greenbush Commuter Rail Lines (note: Greenbush stops at JFK/UMass and Quincy Center, but not Braintree). Customers can show their CharlieCards or CharlieTickets for Commuter Rail service.
  • Ashmont branch customers can take the Fairmount Line. Red Line customers can also take the Fitchburg Line from Porter Square to North Station. Customers can show their CharlieCards or CharlieTickets for Commuter Rail service. 

commuter rail Commuter Rail Update for Thursday Night and Friday

  • The Commuter Rail will operate supplemental service this evening as well as Friday morning and evening between South Station, JFK/UMass, Quincy Center, and Braintree. 
  • If a customer’s origin or destination station is any of these 4 stations, it is strongly encouraged to use this supplemental Commuter Rail service, which provides a direct, one-seat ride for the same cost as subway fare. 
  • Passengers should show their CharlieCards or CharlieTickets in order to board:

Supplemental Evening Outbound Service Today and on Friday, June 14

StationExtra Train DepartsExtra Train DepartsExtra Train Departs
StationSouth StationExtra Train Departs4:30 PMExtra Train Departs6:00 PMExtra Train Departs7:20 PM
StationJFK/UMassExtra Train Departs4:36 PMExtra Train Departs6:10 PMExtra Train Departs7:30 PM
StationQuincy CenterExtra Train Departs4:50 PMExtra Train Departs6:20 PMExtra Train Departs7:37 PM
StationBraintreeExtra Train Departs4:56 PMExtra Train Departs6:30 PMExtra Train Departs7:45 PM

Supplemental Morning Inbound Service on Friday, June 14

StationExtra Train DepartsExtra Train DepartsExtra Train Departs
StationBraintreeExtra Train Departs6:20 AMExtra Train Departs8:00 AMExtra Train Departs9:30 AM
StationQuincy CenterExtra Train Departs6:30 AMExtra Train Departs8:10 AMExtra Train Departs9:37 AM
StationJFK/UMassExtra Train Departs6:50 AMExtra Train Departs8:20 AMExtra Train Departs9:45 AM
StationSouth StationExtra Train Departs7:00 AMExtra Train Departs8:30 AMExtra Train Departs9:55 AM

Capital Investments

The MBTA has made over $3 billion in capital investments with a plan to invest $8 billion over the next five years. In FY18, the MBTA invested $875 million in its capital program -- the most ever for a fiscal year. 

Nearly $2 billion is being invested in the Red and Orange Line Improvement Program between new cars and infrastructure improvements. That includes over $1 billion for new cars to completely replace the fleets of the Orange and Red Lines, $470.36 million for Orange and Red Line track improvements, and upgrades to the Wellington maintenance facility and the Red Line’s maintenance facilities. The Red and Orange Line signal systems will be completely updated and $151 million is being invested in state of good repair for the Red and Orange Lines. 

The first of 152 new Orange Line cars are being tested right now with the first car expected to be in service in summer 2019. Next year, the first of 252 Red Line cars will be tested. 

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