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Bikes On The T Program

Posted on March 9, 2006

In an effort to accommodate cyclists on the T, the MBTA is pleased to announce a more user-friendly system that provides cyclists with bike racks at most of the T’s stations. When and Where Bikes Are Allowed Bicycles are allowed on the Red, Orange and Blue lines, Commuter Rail, Commuter Boat, and Crosstown (CT) bus routes during certain times. Bikes are not allowed on the Green Line, the Mattapan Trolley, or other buses. There is no extra fee for bringing a bike, but riders must know and follow the rules below to bring their bikes on board. Commuter Rail Conventional bicycles are permitted anytime except during weekday rush hours (morning Inbound and evening Outbound). These hours are shaded on Commuter Rail schedules. Bikes are permitted all day on weekends. Folding bicycles, when folded, are allowed on Commuter Rail trains at any time. Subway: Conventional bicycles are not allowed on the Green Line or the Mattapan Trolley at any time. Conventional bicycles are allowed on the Blue, Red, and Orange Lines only. On weekdays, bicycles are allowed during off-peak periods: before 7 A.M., between 10 A.M. and 4 P.M., and after 7 P.M. Bicycles are permitted all day on weekends. Bikes are allowed at all stations except Park Street, Downtown Crossing (except to transfer), or Government Center. Folding bicycles are allowed on the subway at any time when folded in the most compact position and carried in a pouch or carrying case intended for that purpose. Bus Bikes may never be brought on board buses. Crosstown (CT) bus routes are equipped with front-mounted bike racks that may be used at all times. Bikes are not allowed on other bus routes. Ask the bus operator about proper use of a bus bike rack. Holidays and Exceptions Due to train crowding often associated with special events, bikes are not allowed on the subway on St. Patrick's Day, Patriot’s Day and July 4th. On the commuter rail, bicycles are not allowed on New Year's Eve and July 4th between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM inbound or after 4:00 PM outbound. Bikes are not allowed between 8:30 P.M. and 11 P.M. on evenings of Fleet Center events or Red Sox games. When special events are held at or near individual stations, bicycles may not be permitted. Station personnel will notify cyclists of such restrictions. Bike racks are available on a first come, first serve basis. Customers are urged to remove their bicycles on a daily basis. Abandoned bicycles will be marked with an MBTA bike tag that initiates a 14-day grace period for the owner to remove the bike. After 14 days the bicycle will be removed and donated to the charitable organization “Bikes Not Bombs”. For more information on the MBTA’s Bicycle & Parking Policy visit or for more information about bike riding and bike safety in Massachusetts, visit the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition website.

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