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Invitation for Bids / Request for Proposals - Awarded Contracts


As of June 30, 2013, the MBTA Materials Management Department will no longer be mailing hard copies of, for example, IFBs, RFPs, RFQs, LOIs, and/or addendums via U.S. Mail.

The Bids/Request for Proposal Process Flow is as follows:

Once a Bid/Request for Proposal passes it's Deadline Date, it is removed from the MBTA's Invitation for Bids/Request for Proposal page. It then goes through a Review and Authorization process. Once a Bid/Request for Proposal has been awarded, it will appear on this page. If you do not see a procurement that you have bid on, please check the Open or Bids/Request for Proposal Pending Award Page.

Click on the link below to go to the Open or Bids/Request for Proposal Pending Award Page

Invitation for Bids / Request for Proposal

Invitation for Bids / Request for Proposal - Awarded

Bid #Awarded Company
RFP 31-16Not Awarded: Canceled
IFB 33-16Not Awarded: Canceled
IFB 34-16Not Awarded: Canceled
CAP 19-16Not Awarded: Canceled
CAP 21-16Not Awarded: No bids submitted
186-15Not Awarded: Canceled
190-15Not Awarded: Canceled
IFB 28-16Not Awarded: Canceled
13-16Not Awarded: Canceled
CAP 9-16Not Awarded: Canceled
CAP 11-16Not Awarded: Canceled
CAP 12-16Not Awarded: Canceled
IFB 5-16Safety Source Northeast, Inc.
9-16Brodie, Inc.
RFP 120-15Summit Energy
IFB 17-16Smith International Truck Center
CAP 6-16Liberty Chevrolet, Inc.
6-16Podgurski Corporation
198-15Bullseye Underground Utility Locating
181-15WABTEC Passenger Transit
IFB 18-16D&W Diesel, Inc.
CAP 7-16Thermal-Flex Systems, Inc.
CAP 4-16Power Washer sales LLC
178-15Johnson Paint Company
199-15Airgas USA LLC
3-16Vulcanite PTY LTD
IFB 7-16Indoor Air Technologies, Inc.
IFB 26-16Liberty Chevrolet, Inc.
IFB 8-16Cummins Northeast LLC
CAP 2-16Taylor and Lloyd, Inc
IFB 15-16Roland''s Tire Service, Inc.
CAP 10-16Anixter Inc
IFB 38-16S. M. Lorusso & Sons, Inc.
IFB 4-16Cummins Northeast
IFB 42-16Cummins Northeast
IFB 40-16Anixter Inc
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