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Invitation for Bids / Request for Proposals - Awarded Contracts


As of June 30, 2013, the MBTA Materials Management Department will no longer be mailing hard copies of, for example, IFBs, RFPs, RFQs, LOIs, and/or addendums via U.S. Mail.

The Bids/Request for Proposal Process Flow is as follows:

Once a Bid/Request for Proposal passes it's Deadline Date, it is removed from the MBTA's Invitation for Bids/Request for Proposal page. It then goes through a Review and Authorization process. Once a Bid/Request for Proposal has been awarded, it will appear on this page. If you do not see a procurement that you have bid on, please check the Open or Bids/Request for Proposal Pending Award Page.

Click on the link below to go to the Open or Bids/Request for Proposal Pending Award Page

Invitation for Bids / Request for Proposal

Invitation for Bids / Request for Proposal - Awarded

Bid #Awarded Company
119-13Not Awarded: Canceled
217-13Not Awarded: Canceled
CAP 10-14Not Awarded: Canceled
CAP 70-14Not Awarded: Canceled
40-14Not Awarded: Canceled
96-14Not Awarded: Canceled
146-15Not Awarded: No bids submitted
CAP 75-15Not Awarded: Canceled
CAP 58-15Not Awarded: Canceled
CAP 95-13Not Awarded: Canceled
85-13Not Awarded: Canceled
173-14Not Awarded: Canceled
CAP 72-14Not Awarded: Canceled
CAP 55-15Not Awarded: Canceled
219-13Not Awarded: Canceled
IFB 97-15Not Awarded: Canceled
70-14Not Awarded: Canceled
147-14Not Awarded: Canceled
170-14Not Awarded: Canceled
RFP 60-14Not Awarded: Canceled
CAP 32-15Not Awarded: Canceled
CAP 41-15Not Awarded: Canceled
CAP 47-15146 Supply Center
113-15Cummins Northeast LLC
CAP 34-15Gordan Chevy
76-15Qual-Tran Products LLC
CAP 20-15Dagle Electrical Construction Corp.
63-15HVAC Engineering
CAP 51-14Holland Co.
CAP 25-15Holland LP
94-15Safety Source Northeast, Inc.
CAP 46-15R.E.L.A.M., Inc.
104-15D&W Diesel, Inc.
99-15Eastern Salt Company Inc.
CAP 45-15R.E.L.A.M., Inc.
93-15Safety Source Northeast, Inc.
100-15WB Mason
101-15S. M. Lorusso & Sons, Inc.
IFB 98-15Penn Machine Company
114-15Hallamore Corp
106-15Power products Systems LLC
103-15C. W. Ayers Inc.
CAP 35-15Liberty Chevrolet, Inc.
105-15C. W. Ayers Inc.
CAP 28-15Wisconsin Oven
CAP 43-15Frommelt Dock & Door
CAP 44-15Sunbelt Rentals
CAP 29-15Trident Machine Tools,LLC
80-15Holland LP
110-15Northern Tree
102-15Cummins Northeast
116-15Jack Madden Ford Sales Inc.
CAP 36-15Ray-Jurgen Co., LLC
CAP 53-15 RE LAM
121-15Penn Machine Company
126-15Northeast Petrol Service Supply
77-15Kawasaki Rail Car, Inc.
CAP 52-15Transit Concepts Inc
CAP 42-15Trident
130-15Keville Enterprises, Inc.
23-15New Flyer of America Inc.
CAP 23-15Ross Machinery Sales, Inc.
CAP 39-15Graybar Electric Company
117-15P.J. Kennedy & Son
124-15River Drive Manufacturing
177-14Morton Salt Inc.
CAP 38-15Anixter Inc
CAP 54-15M.F. Wirth Rail Corporation
137-15FSX Equipment, Inc
140-15RTR Technologies, Inc.
CAP 57-15Liberty Chevrolet, Inc.
CAP 69-15Brincor INC.
CAP 65-15Boston Freightliner, Inc
133-15Eastern Transit Products
75-15Lappen Auto Supply Co., Inc.
125-15Aetna Fire Alarm Service Company
108-15Dennison Lubricants, Inc.
CAP 60-15Trailer Truck Bracket Sets
CAP 68-15Liberty Chevrolet, Inc.
CAP 67-15Schmidt Equipment, Inc.
CAP 62-15146 Supply Center
CAP 59-15Sign Design, Inc.
136-15ST Services
CAP 63-15Equipment 4 Rent
161-15Stella-Jones Corporation
156-15Bearing Distributors Inc.
155-15jackson lumber and millwork
148-15Tolar Manufacturing Company, Inc.
CAP 71-15Dome Corporation
150-15Engineered Plastics Inc
143-15M.F. Wirth Rail Corporation
CAP 73-15Verde Inc