Commuter Rail Recovery Schedules

Severe Weather Reduced Service Schedules


The Red, Blue, Orange and Green Lines may operate at reduced levels during severe weather, resulting in less frequent service.

The Mattapan Hi-Speed Line may be replaced by bus shuttles during severe weather.

Commuter Rail

During severe weather, the Commuter Rail may operate on reduced severe weather service plans. To determine if your route is operating on a reduced severe weather service plan, check or media reports regularly for updates.


Some bus routes may operate at reduced levels during severe weather, resulting in less frequent service.

Some bus routes, especially those located on hills or narrow streets, may operate on Snow Routes.

A full listing of buses with Snow Routes is below.

Route 11 Route 14 Route 24
Route 30 Route 40 Route 50
Route 60 Route 62 Route 64
Route 67 Route 76 Route 78
Route 85 Route 93 Route 99
Route 110 Route 111 Route 112
Route 119 Route 120 Route 211
Route 222 Route 236 Route 245
Route 411 Route 428 Route 429
Route 430 Route 435 Route 441
Route 442 Route 448 Route 449
Route SL2    

During storms, check T-Alerts regularly to determine which routes are operating on Snow Routes.


During severe weather, Commuter Boats and Ferries may operate reduced service. Check T-Alerts regularly for service updates and information.


During inclement weather, THE RIDE strongly recommends that you check with your contractor directly as services may be curtailed and customers should expect delays. The numbers are as follows:

North area: Greater Lynn Senior Services 888-319-7433 TTY 800-621-0420
South area: National Express 888-920-7433 TTY 888-607-7577
West area: Veterans Transportation 877-765-7433 TTY 888-553-8294

Not sure which contractor serves your area? Check here.

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BlueRegular Service

Green1 current

MattapanRegular Service

Orange1 current 2 ongoing

Red2 current 2 upcoming

SilverRegular Service

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