The Department


Command Staff

 Macmillan 3-12     

The MBTA Police Department operates under the direction of Police Chief Paul MacMillan. Chief MacMillan oversees the management, planning and direction of the Police Department.

Organizationally, the MBTA Transit Police Department is made up of the following four divisions: Patrol Operations, Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness, Investigative Services, and Administrative Services. A Deputy Chief manages each division.

Patrol Operations Division


Deputy James Witzgall is the Commander of the Patrol Operations Division. The Patrol Operations Division is responsible for the field operations of the Department including special events, special operations, and the honor guard function. The Patrol Operations Division consists of Police Officers and Supervisors assigned to staff the patrol beats of the Department.

DC Green

 Deputy Chief Kenneth Green oversees the day to day operations of the 3:30 pm and 11:30 pm shifts. He is also the Department's liasion to community partnerships. 

Investigative Services Division


The Investigative Services Division is under the direction of Deputy Kenneth Sprague. The Investigative Services Division is responsible for investigating all crimes and serious accidents that occur on MBTA property and conveyances. This includes all MBTA buses, the subway system, commuter rail lines and commuter boats.