Office of the Chief

The Office of the Chief consists of several components. Each reports directly to the Chief.

Fiscal Affairs Unit

The Fiscal Affairs unit is headed by the Superintendent of Administration and Finance and is responsible for payroll, budget, and finance. The Fiscal Affairs Unit also coordinates the procurement process for Department purchases and ensures compliance with the various Authority, State, and Federal spending statutes.

Planning and Research Section

The Planning and Research Section is commanded by a Lieutenant Detective and is responsible for long range planning and research projects as directed by the Chief of Police, as well as the Crime Analysis Unit and the Accreditation function of the Department. Additionally, the Planning and Research Section oversees the Homeland Security and emergency preparedness functions of the Department and maintains liaisons with various local, state, and federal partner agencies.

Parking Clerk

The Parking Clerk is responsible for processing and managing the MBTA Transit Police Parking Citation Program. In accordance with Massachusetts law, the Parking Clerk conducts appeals hearings from the public who wish to appeal parking citations issued to their motor vehicles.

Facilities Manager

The Facilities Manager is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the Transit Police Headquarters building. Additionally, the Facilities Manager oversees the Department’s fleet of police cruisers and other vehicles and ensures their proper maintenance and serviceability.

Technical Services Unit

Technical Services Unit is responsible for the Department’s information technology systems and communications systems.