Electric Vehicle Charging Station Policy


This policy sets forth the intended use of the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at MBTA Rapid Transit and Commuter Rail parking locations. The purpose of the MBTA’s Electric Vehicle Charging Parking program is not designed solely to provide preferential parking to low emitting vehicles, but is specifically designed to provide customers with an opportunity to charge electric vehicles while they are parked at MBTA stations. The parking spaces at MBTA rapid transit and commuter rail properties are designated for plug-in electric vehicle charging only, as indicated by installed the electric vehicle charger dedicated to each parking space, and the signage that reads “Electric Vehicle Parking Only”. These spaces are expressly intended for use by electric vehicles that can utilize the plug-in capability of the charging stations.

Vehicles that do not have the functionality to plug-in to the charging station are prohibited from parking in these spaces and will be subject to ticketing and/or towing of the vehicle. This includes any non plug-in vehicle that uses a standard unleaded or diesel gasoline fuel source, any non plug-in hybrid vehicles and any non plug-in vehicles that utilize a fuel source that is more environmentally friendly than the standard regular unleaded gasoline. Only vehicles that are identified on the automobile registration as “electric” or “hybrid” with plug-in functionality are allowed to use these spaces.

Furthermore if a plug-in electric vehicle uses a charging space but does not utilize the plug-in to charge this vehicle will be treated as a non plug-in and subject to ticketing and/or towing of the vehicle. A vehicle must be plugged when utilizing these spaces.

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