No Smoking on MBTA Property or Vehicles

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According to Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 272, Section 43A, smoking is strictly prohibited on all MBTA property and vehicles. Transit Police Officers have the authority to issue citations to violators of this law. If you receive a smoking citation by a Transit Police Officer you have two options:

- You can pay the fine that was imposed within 21 days or
- If you desire to contest the violation, you may do so by requesting a non-criminal hearing, by mailing a copy of the citation within 21 days of date of the issuance of citation to the prescribed District or Municipal Court on the citation.

Failure to pay the fine imposed or to request a hearing within 21 days, or if you fail to appear for the hearing or to pay any fines determined at the hearing to be owed, a criminal complaint may be issued against you, which may result in an arrest warrant.

MBTA Transit Police Department 
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617-222-1200 TTY

TEXT Line 873-873

Did you know you can send crime tips to the MBTA Transit Police and remain 100% anonymous? Simply text your tip/message to 873873 to help out and/or report suspicious activity. Message and data rates may apply.

*For emergencies
please call 617-222-1212

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