Crimes Against Property

No Trespassing Sign

The MBTA Transit Police will not tolerate any type of destruction of property. The MBTA pays out several thousands of dollars each year to repair and clean property that has been destroyed. There are numerous Massachusetts General Laws that protect property. The Transit Police is serious about enforcing those laws. You can help the Transit Police by forwarding any information on individuals who has destroyed MBTA property to or call 617-222-1222. Remember the money you pay to ride the transit system pays for repairing and cleaning destroyed property.


MBTA Transit Police Department 
240 Southampton Street
Boston, MA 02118

Office of the Chief:
Deaf or Hard of Hearing: 
617-222-1200 TTY

TEXT Line 873-873

Did you know you can send crime tips to the MBTA Transit Police and remain 100% anonymous? Simply text your tip/message to 873873 to help out and/or report suspicious activity. Message and data rates may apply.

*For emergencies
please call 617-222-1212

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