Daily Payment

Parking Garages: Entry into an MBTA garage can be made on a daily basis by taking ticket upon entry and then pre-paying it at one of the “pay-on-foot” payment stations located in the garage. The daily payment is based on the duration of stay, and the pay-on-foot stations accept cash or credit/debit as a form of payment. Most of the garages have a fee structure with a low flat rate of $5 to $7 for parking up to 14 hours; additional fees are applied if parked for longer than 14 hours. To avoid long lines at the pay-on-foot stations during the afternoon rush hour, customers are encouraged to prepay their ticket in the morning after they arrive. 

Entry into an MBTA garage can also be made on a monthly basis by purchasing a “Parking Tap Card.” This card allows its user to enter and exit the garage without the delays often associated with a daily ticket. Click here for additional information on how to obtain a Parking Tap Card.

Surface Parking Lots: The MBTA also operates numerous surface parking lots where the parking rates generally range from $4 to $6 daily. Some of these lots currently have cashiers at their entrances to collect the daily parking fees upon entry in the form of cash or credit/debit card. However, most of the surface parking lots do not have cashiered operations. At these parking lots, payment of the daily parking fee must be made using a Mobile Payment Provider. To use this payment method, a customer must download the app and register his or her vehicle license plate number in advance. Payment is then made via credit/debit card by accessing the app and providing a parking location (zone) number displaced in the parking lot. There are currently two (2) mobile parking payment providers available to MBTA parking customers:

Parkmobile Download Parkmobile App
or call 877-727-5717
The Parkmobile app is available for both Android and 
iOS 7.0 or higher users.
PayByPhone Download PayByPhone App Note: This Mobile Payment Provider will no longer be 
available at MBTA parking lots after June 30, 2017. 

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