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All MBTA-owned and -operated unattended parking lots operate under an updated payment system. The Honor Box Payment system has been deactivated and PayByPhone is the only method of payment in advance. Commuters can sign up for PayByPhone by downloading the app or by dialing 1-866-234-7275 from any phone. The MBTA parking payment system has been simplified into three methods: Daily Payment, Monthly Permit, and a Monthly Invoice Notice.

Note: Some station parking facilities are owned and operated by the town in which it’s located or its respective Regional Transit Agency. See individual station pages for station-specific information.

Click here for parking tips, rules, and regulations.

With over 50,000 available parking spaces in 102 locations, the MBTA is the largest owner of off-street paid parking in New England. 

Keep in mind:

  • Only E-ZPass Massachusetts accounts will be valid (E-ZPass MA)
  • In order to enter the garage, all customers must take a ticket at entry
  • To exit, all customers must insert the ticket and select payment method at exit
  • Customers who misplace their ticket must stop by the parking office on the 2nd level Station Lobby to obtain a replacement ticket in order to pay and exit the garage
  • Customers opting to pay cash or credit may continue to do so on the 2nd level station lobby parking kiosks
*For vehicles staying in the garage overnight Thursday evening (October 27th), you must take a ticket when entering the garage rather than use E-ZPass to enter the garage. In order to prevent accident E-ZPass gate activation, please remove the transponder from the windshield and take an entry ticket. More info is available here

Daily Parking Rates

*PBP = in advance
*Invoice = via monthly invoice notice

 Abington ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Nantasket ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
Alewife ($7.00) Needham Heights ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
 Andover ($70.00)   Needham Junction ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
 Ashland ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Newburyport ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
 Auburndale ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Norfolk  ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
 Ballardvale ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  North Beverly ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
 Beachmont ($105.0)  North Quincy Hancock ($5.00)
 Bellevue ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  North Quincy Newport ($5.00)
 Bradford ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  North Scituate/Countyway ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
 Braintree ($7.00) Norwood Center ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
 Brandeis/Roberts ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Norwood Depot ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
 Bridgewater ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Oak Grove ($6.00)
 Butler ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Orient Heights ($5.00 + $1.00 each add. day)
 Campello ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Plymouth ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
 Canton Center ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Quincy Adams ($7.00 + $8.00 each add. day)
 Canton Junction ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Reading ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
Chestnut Hill ($6.00 PBP/$6.50 invoice) Readville ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
 Cohasset ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Riverside ($6.00 daily/$12.00 overnight)
 Dedham Corporate  ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Roslindale ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
 East Weymouth  ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Route 128 ($7.00 first 14H, $14.00 each day after 14H)
Eliot ($6.00 PBP/$6.50 invoice) Rowley ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
 Fairmount  ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Salem ($5.00 for first 14H and $12.00 after + $12.00/day after 24H)
 Forest Hills ($6.00) Savin Hill ($5.00 PBP/$5.50 Invoice)
 Forge Park ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  South Attleboro ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  
Framingham ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) South Weymouth ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
Franklin ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Southborough ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
Gloucester ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)   Stoughton ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
Grafton ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Suffolk Downs ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
Greenbush ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Sullivan Square ($6.00)
Halifax ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Swampscott ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
Hamilton/Wenham ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Waban ($6.00 PBP/$6.50 invoice)
Hanson ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Wakefield ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
Haverhill  ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Walpole ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  
Hersey ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Watertown ($5.00 PBP/$5.50 Invoice) 
Highland ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Wellington ($6.00 + $7.00 for each add. day in back lot only. Max 7 days) 
Hingham Boat/Hewitts Cove Ferry ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) West Gloucester ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
Holbrook/Randolph ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) West Hingham ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
Hyde Park ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) West Medford ($5.00 PBP/$5.50 invoice)
Islington ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) West Natick ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
Kingston ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) West Newton ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
Lechmere ($6.00) West Roxbury ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
Littleton ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Westborough ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  
Lynn ($4.00) Weymouth Landing/East Braintree ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
Malden ($6.00) Whitman ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
Mattapan ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Wilmington ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
Middleborough/Lakeville ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Wollaston ($5.00)
Milton ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Woodland ($6.00 a day/$7.00 overnight)
Montello ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Wonderland (Garage) ($5.00 for first 14H and $12.00 after + $12.00/day after 24H)
Montserrat ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Wonderland (Surface Lot) ($5.00 + $1.00 each add. day)

 Find Your Parking Destination

Select a Commuter Rail, Subway, Bus, or Boat route below for specific parking information, including:  total number of spaces, availability on weekdays, daily parking rates, and facility address/driving directions.

Commuter Rail: Subway: Boat/Bus: Stations:

2   3   8   A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   Y  
Station NameParkingRateMapManaged By
GloucesterSpaces: 100
Average Weekday Availability: 77%
Accessible: N/A
Bike: 5
Type: PayByPhone or Monthly Invoice
Rate: $4.00
MapLAZ Parking
Government CenterSpaces: N/A
Average Weekday Availability:
Accessible: N/A
Bike: N/A
Type: No MBTA parking. Street or private parking may exist.
Rate: N/A
GraftonSpaces: 373
Average Weekday Availability: 51%
Accessible: 7
Bike: 8
Type: PayByPhone or Monthly Invoice
Rate: $4.00
MapLAZ Parking
Green StreetSpaces: N/A
Average Weekday Availability:
Accessible: N/A
Bike: 22
Type: No MBTA parking. Street or private parking may exist.
Rate: N/A
GreenbushSpaces: 1000
Average Weekday Availability: 79%
Accessible: 22
Type: PayByPhone or Monthly Invoice
Rate: $4.00
MapLAZ Parking
GreenwoodSpaces: 76
Average Weekday Availability:
Accessible: N/A
Bike: 6
Type: Credit and Coin Only
Rate: $2.00
MapTown of Wakefield
Griggs Street/Long AvenueSpaces: N/A
Average Weekday Availability:
Accessible: N/A
Bike: N/A
Type: No MBTA parking. Street or private parking may exist.
Rate: N/A