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Providing safe and accessible parking in the vicinity of the rail stations on the MBTA commuter rail and rapid transit lines is essential to the success of the MBTA transit system. There are a total of 101 parking facilities (10 garages and 91 surface lots) with over 44,000 parking spaces in the MBTA’s parking system, making it one of the nation’s largest. MBTA transit riders can also find parking at numerous additional parking facilities located adjacent to MBTA stations but managed by municipalities, regional transit agencies, and other MBTA partners.

The MBTA’s parking facilities are currently managed by Republic Parking System, a parking management company committed in a partnership with the MBTA to provide its 41,000 daily parkers with the highest quality of service. 

Parking rates at MBTA parking facilities currently range from a fixed rate of $4 daily in locations furthest from Boston center to $7 daily at most of the garages based on a 14-hour day. Additional parking fees apply when a vehicle is parked for more than 14 hours in the same parking facility. Parking fees can now be paid on a daily or trip-basis at all parking locations, or purchased on-line at discounted monthly rates ranging from $70 to $125 per month in most of the surface lots. Premium monthly parking is also offered at the Braintree, Quincy Adams and Oak Grove parking facilities (premium spaces are reserved 24/7 and located closest to the station entrance). The payment of parking fees can be made using cash or credit card (where available) or using PaybyPhone.

Where payment by mobile application is permitted, vehicle owners are allowed to pay their daily parking fees at the end of the month via an invoice listing the days when the parking fee was not paid. A parker that receives a monthly invoice will pay the daily rate applicable at that facility plus a 50-cent surcharge per day for administration, and have 30 calendar days from the invoice date to pay before incurring additional fees and penalties. Outstanding balances that go over 90 days unpaid will trigger a hold on the license and registration of the vehicle owner along with an additional RMV fee. All MBTA parkers are encouraged to pay for their parking on the day(s) that they park so as to avoid these additional fees and penalties.

Daily Parking Rates

*PBP = in advance
*Invoice = via monthly invoice notice

 Abington ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Nantasket ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
Alewife ($7.00) Needham Heights ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
 Andover ($70.00)   Needham Junction ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
 Ashland ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Newburyport ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
 Auburndale ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Norfolk  ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
 Ballardvale ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  North Beverly ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
 Beachmont ($105.0)  North Quincy Hancock ($5.00)
 Bellevue ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  North Quincy Newport ($5.00)
 Bradford ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  North Scituate/Countyway ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
 Braintree ($7.00) Norwood Center ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
 Brandeis/Roberts ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Norwood Depot ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
 Bridgewater ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Oak Grove ($6.00)
 Butler ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Orient Heights ($5.00 + $1.00 each add. day)
 Campello ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Plymouth ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
 Canton Center ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Quincy Adams ($7.00 + $8.00 each add. day)
 Canton Junction ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Reading ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
Chestnut Hill ($6.00 PBP/$6.50 invoice) Readville ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
 Cohasset ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Riverside ($6.00 daily/$12.00 overnight)
 Dedham Corporate  ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Roslindale ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
 East Weymouth  ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Route 128 ($7.00 first 14H, $14.00 each day after 14H)
Eliot ($6.00 PBP/$6.50 invoice) Rowley ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
 Fairmount  ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Salem ($5.00 for first 14H and $12.00 after + $12.00/day after 24H)
 Forest Hills ($6.00) Savin Hill ($5.00 PBP/$5.50 Invoice)
 Forge Park ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  South Attleboro ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  
Framingham ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) South Weymouth ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
Franklin ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Southborough ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
Gloucester ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)   Stoughton ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
Grafton ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Suffolk Downs ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
Greenbush ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Sullivan Square ($6.00)
Halifax ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Swampscott ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
Hamilton/Wenham ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Waban ($6.00 PBP/$6.50 invoice)
Hanson ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Wakefield ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
Haverhill  ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Walpole ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  
Hersey ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Watertown ($5.00 PBP/$5.50 Invoice) 
Highland ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Wellington ($6.00 + $7.00 for each add. day in back lot only. Max 7 days) 
Hingham Boat/Hewitts Cove Ferry ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) West Gloucester ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
Holbrook/Randolph ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) West Hingham ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
Hyde Park ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) West Medford ($5.00 PBP/$5.50 invoice)
Islington ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) West Natick ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)
Kingston ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) West Newton ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
Lechmere ($6.00) West Roxbury ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
Littleton ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Westborough ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  
Lynn ($4.00) Weymouth Landing/East Braintree ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
Malden ($6.00) Whitman ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
Mattapan ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Wilmington ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) 
Middleborough/Lakeville ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Wollaston ($5.00)
Milton ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Woodland ($6.00 a day/$7.00 overnight)
Montello ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice)  Wonderland (Garage) ($5.00 for first 14H and $12.00 after + $12.00/day after 24H)
Montserrat ($4.00 PBP/$4.50 invoice) Wonderland (Surface Lot) ($5.00 + $1.00 each add. day)

 Find Your Parking Destination

Select a Commuter Rail, Subway, Bus, or Boat route below for specific parking information, including:  total number of spaces, availability on weekdays, daily parking rates, and facility address/driving directions.

Commuter Rail: Subway: Boat/Bus: Stations:

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Station NameParkingRateMapManaged By
DavisSpaces: N/A
Average Weekday Availability:
Accessible: N/A
Bike: 165
Type: No MBTA parking. Street or private parking may exist.
Rate: N/A
Dean RoadSpaces: N/A
Average Weekday Availability:
Accessible: N/A
Bike: N/A
Type: No MBTA parking. Street or private parking may exist.
Rate: N/A
Dedham CorporateSpaces: 497
Average Weekday Availability: 75%
Accessible: 11
Bike: N/A
Type: PayByPhone or Monthly Invoice
Rate: $4.00
MapRepublic Parking System
Design CenterSpaces: N/A
Average Weekday Availability:
Accessible: N/A
Bike: N/A
Type: No MBTA parking. Street or private parking may exist.
Rate: N/A
Downtown CrossingSpaces: N/A
Average Weekday Availability:
Accessible: N/A
Bike: N/A
Type: No MBTA parking. Street or private parking may exist.
Rate: N/A
Dudley Square StationSpaces: N/A
Average Weekday Availability:
Accessible: N/A
Bike: N/A
Type: No MBTA parking. Street or private parking may exist.
Rate: N/A