For public safety reasons, Boylston and Park Street Stations will be closed today at approximately 12:00 PM    

For public safety reasons, Boylston and Park Street Stations will be closed today at approximately 12:00 PM    
Riding the T

The New Government Center Station

Opened on Monday, March 21, at 12:30 p.m.

Stop by and see it!

Government Center Proposed Head House

The new Government Center Station resumed regular service on Monday, March 21, at 12:30 p.m. after a dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony. We invite you to visit the totally modernized hub of the Green and Blue lines—now more comfortable, convenient, and fully accessible for the first time in its 118-year history. 

2014-2016 Renovation

The modernization of Government Center Station, which began on March 22, 2014, incorporated many major enhancements that have transformed both the exterior and interior into a welcoming, contemporary environment.

The former low-brick entrance has been replaced with a vaulting glass entryway that serves as a distinctive landmark and fills the expanded lobby and platforms below with natural light. The refurbished interior features new elevators and escalators connecting the Green and Blue Lines, double the number of fare gates, enhanced lighting, and many other improvements. In addition, customers can now exit the station on Cambridge Street between Court and Sudbury Streets. 

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Service Note

Green Line B-branch trains will continue to terminate at Park Street Station. This change from before the Government Center closure will reduce track congestion at Government Center and improve the reliability of Green Line B-branch service. All other Green Line trains (C-, D-, and E-branches) provide connecting service between Park Street and Government Center.

History of Government Center Station (originally Scollay Square Station)

Scollay Square Station opened in 1898 and was the third stop on the Tremont Street Subway, the nation’s oldest subway. Eighteen years later, Boston Elevated Railway built a tunnel under the station to extend the East Boston streetcar to Bowdoin Street. In the early 1960s, the station underwent a major renovation as part of the demolition of Scollay Square and the development of City Hall Plaza. At that time, the station was renamed Government Center. 

Historic Mosaics

Originally, red and white tiles covered the walls of both the upper and lower Scollay Square platforms. The tiles from the upper platform were completely destroyed during the station’s reconstruction in the 1960s.

However, during the 2014-2016 renovation, the tiles on the lower platform were uncovered, and several mosaics reading “Scollay Under” were revealed. The mosaics underwent restoration and now grace the walls of the Blue Line platform.

Video of Pre-Renovation Government Center

The video, “Transit Nation,” includes footage of the exterior and interior of Government Center Station before the 2014-2016 renovation. Click here to view.

Photos of Government Center Renovation Below

December 2015

Gov Center December 1 Gov Center December 2 Gov Center December 3 Gov Center December 4 Gov Center December 5 Gov Center December 6 Gov Center December 7 Gov Center December 8 Gov Center December 9 Gov Center December 10 Gov Center December 11 Gov Center December 12 Gov Center December 13 Gov Center December 14 Gov Center December 16 Gov Center December 17 Gov Center December 18 Gov Center December 19 Gov Center December 20 Gov Center December 21 Gov Center December 22 Gov Center December 23 Gov Center December 24

October 2015

October 2015 - GovCenter 1 October 2015 - GovCenter 2 October 2015 - GovCenter 3 October 2015 - GovCenter 4 October 2015 - GovCenter 5 October 2015 - GovCenter 6 October 2015 - GovCenter 7 October 2015 - GovCenter 9 October 2015 - GovCenter 10 October 2015 - GovCenter 11 October 2015 - GovCenter 12 October 2015 - GovCenter 13 October 2015 - GovCenter 14 October 2015 - GovCenter 15 October 2015 - GovCenter 16 October 2015 - GovCenter 17 October 2015 - GovCenter 18

August 2015

Government Center - August 2015 - 01 Government Center - August 2015 - 02 Government Center - August 2015 - 03 Government Center - August 2015 - 04 Government Center - August 2015 - 05 Government Center - August 2015 - 06 Government Center - August 2015 - 07 Government Center - August 2015 - 08 Government Center - August 2015 - 09 Government Center - August 2015 - 10

July 2015

Elevator01TN Elevator02TN Elevator03TN GmDePaola01TN July01TN July02TN July04TN

June 2015

June01_50TN June02_50TN June03_50TN June04_50TN June05_50TN June06_50TN June07_50TN June08_50TN June09_50TN June10_50TN June11_50TN June12_50TN June13_50TN June14_50TN June15_50TN June16_50TN June17_50TN June18_50TN June19_50TN June20_50TN June21_50TN June22_50TN June23_50TN Juen24_50TN June25_50TN June26_50TN June27_50TN June28_50TN June29_50TN June30_50TN June31_50TN June32_50TN June33_50TN June34_50TN June35_50TN June36_50TN June37_50TN June38_50TN

May 2015

May01_50TN May02_50TN May03_50TN May04_50TN May05_50TN May06_50TN May07_50TN May08_50TN May09_50TN May10_50TN May11_50TN May12_50TN May13_50TN May14_50TN May15_50TN May16_50TN May17_50TN May18_50TN May19_50TN May20_50TN May21_50TN May22_50TN May23_50TN May24_50TN May25_50TN May26_50TN May27_50TN May28_50TN May29_50TN May30_50TN

March 2015

March01_50TN March02_50TN March03_50TN March04_50TN March05_50TN March06_50TN  March07_50TN   March09_50TN March10_50TN March11_50TNv2 March12_50TN March13_50TN March14_50TN  March15_50TN  March16_50TN  March17_50TNv2  March18_50TN March19_50TN March20_50TN March21_50TN March22_50TN March23_50TN March24_50TN March25_50TN March26_50TN March27_50TN March28_50TN March29_50TN March30_50TN

January 2015

Glass01_50TN Glass02_50TN Glass03_50TN Glass04_50TN Glass05_50TN Glass06_50TN Glass07_50TN Glass08_50TN Glass09_50TN Glass10_50TN Glass11_50TN Glass12_50TN Glass13_50TN Glass14_50TN  Glass17_50TN Glass18_50TN Glass20_50TN Glass21_50TN-02 Glass22_50TN Glass23_50TN Glass24_50TN Glass25_50TN Glass26_50TN Glass28_50TN Glass29_50TN Glass30_50TN Glass31_50TN Glass32_50TN Glass33_50TN Glass34_50TN Glass35_50TN Glass36_50TN Glass37_50TN Glass38_50TN Glass39_50TN Glass40_50TN Glass41_50TN Glass42_50TN Glass43_50TN Glass44_50TN Glass45_50TN Glass46_50TN Glass47_50TN

December 2014

12-19-14_12_50TN 12-19-14_11_50TN 12-19-14_10_50TN 12-19-14_09_50TN 12-19-14_08_50TN 12-19-14_07_50TN 12-19-14_06_50TN 12-19-14_05_50TN 12-19-14_04_50TN 12-19-14_03_50TN 12-19-14_02_50TN 12-19-14_01_50TN 12-2-14_01_50TN 12-2-14_02_50TN 12-2-14_03_50TN 12-2-14_04_50TN 12-2-14_05_50TN

November 2014

11-1-2014_111219_50TN 11-1-2014_111205_50TN 11-1-2014_110525_50TN 11-1-2014_105935_50TN 11-1-2014_104140_50TN 11-1-2014_104010_50TN 11-1-2014_103822_50TN 11-1-2014_0817121_50TN 11-1-2014_081715_50TN 11-1-2014_081602_50TN 11-1-2014_081538_50TN 11-1-2014_081516_50TN 11-1-2014_081509_50TN 11-1-2014_081445_50TN 11-1-2014_081345_50TN 11-1-2014_143633_50TN 11/1/2014_143625_50TN 

October 2014

10-24-2014_02626_50TN 10-24-2014_102617_50TN 10-24-2014_102354_50TN 10-24-2014_20349_50TN 10-24-2014_102017_50TN 10-24-2014_101131_50TN 10-24-2014_101123_50TN 10-24-2014_101118_50TN 10-24-2014_101053_50TN 10-24-2014_101019_50TN 10-24-2014_101014_50TN 10-24-2014_100954_50TN 10-24-14_100949_50TN 10-24-2014_100926_50TN 10-24-2014_100851_50TN 10-24-2014_100702_50TN 10-24-2014_10061_50TN 10-24-14_100201_50TN 10-24-14_095902_50TN 10-24-14_095853_50TN 10-24-14_095725_50TN 10-24-2014_095715_50TN 10-24-2014_095705_50TN 10-24-2014_095636_50TN 10-24-2014_095625_50TN 10-24-2014_095605_50TN Oct21_114849_50TN Oct21_114842_50TN Oct21_114837_50TN Oct21_113804_50TN Oct21_113754_50TN Oct21_113748_50TN October2014_07_50TN October2014_06_50TN October2014_05_50TN 20141015_085322_50TN 201416_083000_50TN 20141016_083007_50TN 20141016_083012_50TN October2014_08_50TN October2014_09_50TN October2014_10_50TN October2014_11_50TN October2014_12_50TN October2014_13_50TN October2014_14_50TN October2014_15_50TN October2014_16_50TN October2014_17_50TN October2014_18_50TN October2014_19_50TN October2014_20_50TN October2014_21_50TN October2014_22_50TN October2014_23_50TN October2014_24_50TN

September 2014

9-22-14_02TN 9-22-14_01TN 9-10-14GovCenter10small 9-10-14GovCenter09small 9-10-14GovCenter07small 9-10-14GovCetner06small 9-10-14GovCenter05small 9-10-14GovCenter04small 9-10-14GovCenter03small 9-10-14GovCenter02small 

August 2014

8-28-14_04TN 8-28-14_05TN 8-28-14_06TN 8-28-14_07TN 8-28-14_08TN 8-28-14_09TN 8-28-14_10TN 8-28-14_11TN 8-28-14_12TN 8-28-14_13TN 8-28-14_14TN 8-28-14_15TN 8-28-14_16TN 8-28-14_17TN 8-28-14_18TN 8-28-14_19TN 8-28-14_20TN 8-28-14_21TN 8-28-2014_01-small 8-28-14_03_TN 8-28-14_02_TN GC19_small GC18_small GC17_small GC16_small GC15_small GC14_small GC13_small GC12_small GC11_small GC10_small GC09_small GC08_small GC07_small GC06_small GC05_small GC04_small GC03_small GC02_small GC01_small BlueLineWall03_small BlueLineWall02_small BlueLineWall01_small GovCenter86_small GovCenter85_small GovCenter84_small GovCenter83_small GovCenter82_small GovCenter80_small GovCenter79_small

July 2014

GovCtr70_small GovCtr71_small GovCtr72_small GovCtr73_small GovCtr74_small GovCtr75_small GovCtr61_small GovCtr62_small GovCtr63_small GovCtr64_small GovCtr65_small GovCtr66_small GovCtr68_small GovCtr69_small GovCtr49_small GovCtr50_small GovCtr52_small GovCtr53_small GovCtr55_small GovCtr57_small GovCtr58_small GovCtr59_small    

June 2014

Headhouse12small Headhouse05small Headhouse08small Headhouse09small 

May 2014

Diversion49small Diversion50small Headhouse10small Headhouse01small Headhouse11small Headhouse02small Headhouse03small Diversion37small Diversion39small Diversion40small Diversion43small Diversion44small Diversion46small Diversion47small Diversion48small Diversion24small Diversion26small Diversion28small Diversion30small Diversion31small Diversion32small Diversion33small Diversion36small Diversion13small Diversion14small Diversion15small Diversion16small Diversion20small Diversion21small Diversion22small Diversion23small GovCenter40small Diversion01small Diversion02small Diversion05small Diversion06small Diversion09small Diversion10small Diversion12small GovCenter16small GovCenter20small GovCenter22small GovCenter29small GovCenter31small GovCenter32small GovCenter33small GovCenter35small HeadhouseDemo19small  Excavator02small Excavator03small BlueLineStore02small                            

April 2014

4-4-14 Green Line westbound 4-4-14 Green Line eastbound 4-4-14 Green Line platform 4-2-2014 Government Center 4-4-2014 Goverment Center     

March 2014

Scollay Square Sign Removal Brattle loop Blue Line Stairs Green Line lobby AFC removed 3-25-2014    

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