Accessible Services

Tools for Accessible Travel on the T

The MBTA has been taking steps to ensure that your transit experience on the T is safe, reliable, and accessible. Below are some educational tools you can use to learn more about the MBTA's accessible services and how we are shaping the T into an accessible means of transportation for all customers.

Collage of MBTA buses, heavy, and light rail trains. Click to enlarge.

The T Access Guide
The T Access Guide is an interactive manual that serves as a “How To” guide for using the MBTA’s fixed-route network of buses, trains, and boats. Access Guide topics include trip planning, boarding and exiting procedures for buses and trains, and customer/operator responsibilities. Click on the link above to view the "T" Access Guide.

Chalkboard. Click to enlarge.

MBTA System Orientation Training
The MBTA's System Orientation Training is designed to familiarize customers with the accessible services offered by the MBTA. Additionally, customers will have the opportunity to learn about the access features that may be found on MBTA buses and trains and in MBTA rail stations. Click on the link above for more information on the MBTA's System Orientation Training. You may also view information about the training on our System Orientation Flyer which is available in PDF or DOC format.

Accessibility at the T brochure cover. Click to enlarge.

Access Guide Brochure
While your out and about, be sure to take your "T" Access Guide Brochure with you. This portable guide will provide you with everything you need to know about accessible travel on the MBTA's buses and trains. To view this useful resource in PDF format, click on the link above or click here to view a screen-reader friendly version of the brochure.