Accessible Services

General Accessibility Facts

The MBTA has accessibility policies in effect system-wide and are designed to improve the transportation experience for all of our customers.  Below is a list of general accessibility facts for you to keep in mind as you travel throughout the MBTA system.

  • MBTA staff honor all reasonable requests for assistance.  For example, upon request, staff will assist you with the following:
    • Boarding and exiting buses, trains, and boats.
    • Lowering the bus by using the kneeler.
    • Using the farebox and Fare Vending Machines.
  • MBTA staff will never ask you about the nature of your disability.
  • Service animals are always welcome on MBTA vehicles and in MBTA stations during all hours of service.  The service animal should be kept out of the aisles as much as possible and under your control at all times. 
  • All customers have the right to utilize accessibility equipment such as elevators, mobile lifts, mini-high platforms, and bridgeplates.
  • Upon request, MBTA staff are required to ask customers who are sitting in a priority seating area to move so that a customer with a disability who is boarding the vehicle can sit in the priority seat.  If customers choose not to move, MBTA staff should try to find another place for the customer with a disability to sit.
  • Information (such as schedules and meeting documents) is available in alternative formats upon request. 
    • Contact the Customer Communications Department by calling 617-222-3200 or 617-222-5146 (TTY) to  request information in an alternative format.
    • Alternative formats may also be requested online by visiting Select "Customer Support" and then "Customer Comment".