Schedules and Trip Planning Data (GTFS)

GTFS, or the General Transit Feed Specification, is the standard format used by many transit agencies to release schedule and trip planning information.  In addition to Google Maps, GTFS is at the heart for many MBTA trip planning applications. 

This feed contains information for all MBTA services, including bus, rapid transit, commuter rail, and ferries, as well as MassPort airport shuttles.  Due to difficulties with integrating fare structure into MBTA scheduling software, fare information is not available.  This feed is, for the most part, identical to the feed Google Transit is currently using.  This dataset includes shape information for all bus routes and some rapid transit lines for use in maps.

More about GTFS

GTFS is a well-documented standard.  Learn more here.

GTFS Primer

Our Official GTFS Primer is available here.

Getting the File

The MBTA GTFS file is delivered in a ZIP file.  The file is located here.

It will remain available at the same URL. It is updated at least four times a year, but may change at any time. To ensure that you have the latest data without constantly downloading the whole thing you can download the current feed_info.txt file here and compare it to the feed_info.txt file from your last GTFS download. If they are different (you may wish to just compare the feed_version field) then you need to update.