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MBTA Route Performance Indicators 

Throughout this year’s fare and service change public process, many customers inquired as to how the MBTA evaluates bus routes. Based on this feedback, the MBTA has created a Route Performance Indicator List providing customers detailed information about the quality and efficiency of each bus route. This initiative will release information typically used by the MBTA in its service evaluation process, enabling the public to understand how service is evaluated.

In accordance with our Service Delivery Policy, the MBTA uses several cost and service quality metrics to gauge how specific bus routes are performing. A failure to meet certain cost and quality standards indicates that a route needs to be evaluated for potential changes, such as increasing service to reduce crowding, modifying its length or pattern, or eliminating it. Based on this information we have separated our bus routes into two groups:

Evaluation Recommended: These routes have higher net operating costs per passenger and have failed to meet one or more quality standards. Some of them have recently or will soon undergo service modifications in an attempt to improve performance. Future changes may be made to these routes, including elimination.

Meet Most or All Service Delivery Policy Standards: These routes meet most or all service delivery policy standards and have relatively lower net operating costs per passenger. Additional funding could help some of them better meet all of our quality standards.

Pilot Project: Improving the Route Performance Indicator
As this initiative is still in the pilot stage, the information currently presented in the Route Performance Indicator List only contains weekday data. It is also our goal to provide similar data for all service periods and for all MBTA modes in the near future.

The MBTA seeks to provide useful information to our customers and we look forward to feedback on this project. Please send suggestions or comments to so we can better serve you. 

Thank you for riding the MBTA.

Click here to view the Route Performance Indicator:  Excel  |  PDF 

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