Real Estate

MBTA Real Estate Department

The Real Estate Department at the MBTA has a dual function: overseeing the agency’s real estate holdings, and managing its office and warehouse spaces. Reflective of this dual function, Real Estate Department is comprised of two divisions: Real Estate and Facilities Management.

Real Estate

The Real Estate Division manages its real estate assets through its asset manager, Massachusetts Realty Group. Asset management includes the following: conducting all new leasing, licensing, sale, and easement transactions; and, developing and maintaining a comprehensive electronic inventory of property owned by the MBTA. The Real Estate Department and Massachusetts Realty Group work together to identify and advance appropriate sale and development opportunities, including making surplus MBTA properties available for transit-oriented development.

Facilities Management

The Facilities Management Division is responsible for department relocations, office reconfigurations, and warehousing of equipment, records, and supplies. Facilities Management also oversees the MBTA motor pool and provides all in-house printing services.

Transit-Oriented Development

The MBTA Real Estate Division is working cooperatively with the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs to identify and realize opportunities for transit-oriented development (TOD) on surplus MBTA land and air rights. For more information, visit TOD on this web site.