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Future Construction Contract Bid Solicitations

The T is constantly working to upgrade facilities to better support riders.

All future and current solicitations are posted to our web site and are constantly updated to reflect the most recent information.  You can find the summary for upcoming solicitations by clicking on a link below.

DescriptionContract NumberAdv. DateType of workEngineer's Estimate
Wellington Yard Zones A-BTBD3 / 2017Track, Power & Signal$35,000,000.00
ITD Data Center, 45 High StreetR14CN013 / 2017Electrical and Fire Protection$5,000,000.00
Pawtucket Layover FacilityD15CN023 / 2017Track, Power and Signal$3,200,000.00
Neponset River Bridge ImprovementsTBD4 / 2017Bridge$5,000,000.00
On Call - Systemwide Tie ReplacementTBD4 / 2017Track$10,000,000.00
Direct Fixation OL-Southwest CorridorTBD4 / 2017Tie$15,000,000.00
On Call-Parking and PavingTBD4 / 2017Civil$30,000,000
Charlestown Bus - Alford Street Seawall Rehab.TBD4 / 2017Seawall Rehab.$40,000,000.00
East Street BridgeH74CN114 / 2017Bridge$17,200,000.00
Red Line Test TrackR44CN014 / 2017Track, Power & Signal$26,000,000.00
Wollaston Station ImprovementsA47CN014 / 2017Station Improvements$63,138,364
Ruggles Commuter Rail Station ImprovementsS31CN024 / 2017Station Improvements$22,045,360.00
South Shore Parking GaragesW46CN044 / 2017Parking Garage$73,000,000.00
On Call-CR Track, Ties & SwitchesTBD5 / 2017Track & Ties$30,000,000.00
Green Line Grade CrossingTBD5 / 2017Track/Civil$15,000,000
On Call - CR ROW & WaysideTBD5 / 2017Signal$30,000,000.00
Gloucester DrawbridgeH62CN035 / 2017Moveable Bridge$50,000,000.00
Orange Line Tunnel RepairsTBD6 / 2017Concrete Repairs$40,000,000.00
Back Bay Properties Ventilation - Stair Pressurization Pkg.TBD6 / 2017Ventilation$1,350,000.00
On Call - Facilities - Contract 2TBD7 / 2017Facilities$15,000,000.00
Fenway Portal Flood ProtectionTBD10 / 2017Resiliency$22,000,000
Trackless Trolley, Cambridge-Watertown-BelmontTBD10 / 2017Catenary$35,000,000.00

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