Transit Projects and TOD

Projects on MBTA Surplus Property

The T is currently involved in several TOD projects. For more information about TOD opportunities with the MBTA, please contact Massachusetts Realty Group at 617-316-1654 or email through their website.

Wonderland Station - Revere, MA


Location / Site Description

Fronting on Ocean Avenue and footsteps from Revere Beach, the property consists of three separate publicly owned parcels totaling approximately nine (9) acres and one additional privately owned parcel, all located immediately adjacent to the Wonderland Station. Pending commencement of development construction the site will continue to be used for surface parking, patronized by commuters and summer beachgoers.

The site offers sweeping vistas of the Atlantic Ocean and Boston Harbor islands - all less than a ten (10) minute drive from Logan International Airport and less than fifteen (15) minutes from downtown Boston. MBTA’s rapid transit Blue Line also provides fast, direct access to Logan and to downtown Boston. The MBTA is also studying options for additional public transportation access to this site by extending Blue Line service northward or making a "people mover" connection from Wonderland Station to a new station on the existing commuter rail tracks immediately west.

Planning Process

The MBTA engaged consultants to work with the local community to identify goals and develop a vision for the site. As a result of this process, the following objectives were formulated:


  • Produce a high quality mix of uses on this prime, yet underutilized, waterfront land in an orderly and timely fashion
  • Meet state public policy goals for sustainable development and transit-oriented development
  • Provide quality development on unutilized land to maximize tax revenue, benefitting the City of Revere.
  • Create an architecturally and aesthetically pleasing development that complements the Public Waterfront Park and enhances the positive image of the new Revere Beach
  • Take full advantage of the site's proximity to the available transit facilities existing on the MBTA Blue Line at Wonderland Station, to Logan International Airport, and to downtown Boston.
  • Sets a high standard of development for other undeveloped privately owned Revere Beach parcels
  • Generate economic development benefit for the oceanside neighborhood and the city through:
    1. Job creation
    2. The local sales of goods and services
    3. The potential to attract additional private investment

The Wonderland Station TOD Design and Development Guidelines that were issued as part of the Request for Qualifications for the Wonderland TOD site can be viewed below.

Download the Wonderland Design Guidelines

Development Potential

The site is zoned to allow the following uses by right: multifamily residential, office, and hotel development. Based upon existing zoning, the nine (9) acres could accommodate over 1 million square feet of office, hotel, retail, and/or residential development.

Time Frame for Completion

Working in cooperation with the MBTA and Department of Conservation and Recreation, Revere initiated a two-part process to identify developers for the site.  Subsequent to the Request for Qualifications issued in February 2005, Eurovest Development Inc. was designated as the Wonderland redeveloper.  

Phase I TOD construction plans include an eight story general office building, 125 room hotel/149 unit residential condominium together with 17,000 s.f. of retail and 240 spaces of off street parking totaling approximately 430,000 square feet of new development at Revere Beach.  Public improvements will include a public plaza together with pedestrian bridges connecting to both Revere Beach and the westerly side of Wonderland Station.

Construction activities commenced in Fall 2010 with a 1,450 space MBTA parking garage at Wonderland Station.  Phase I is anticipated to be completed approximately 60 months thereafter.

For more information about the Wonderland Station TOD, contact Massachusetts Realty Group at 617-316-1654 or email through their website.


Project: Wonderland Parking Garage/Busway Project at Wonderland Station
MBTA Contact:   Mahendra Patel, Project Manager
Phone: 617-222-6756


The Project involves value engineering of the design and construction of a parking garage containing approximately 1465 spaces, improvements to Route 1A and Butler Circle, a relocation of the busway from the oceanside development parcel to and from Route 1A and related improvements. 

Specifically, the Project elements include the following:

  • Approximately 1465 MBTA-owned structured parking spaces at Wonderland Station;
  • A new entrance, elevators, and other associated accessibility improvements and connections to Wonderland Station, that also provides connectivity to oceanside attractions;
  • Secure, covered bicycle storage within the South Garage; and
  • A covered and sheltered waiting area for bus patrons.
  • A small (maximum of 4000 ft2) Registry of Motor Vehicles Express Office

Working cooperatively through a public/private partnership, the MBTA, City of Revere and Eurovest anticipate that the Project will be completed and open by January 1, 2012.  

The project determined Three (3) Shortlisted Design Build Teams as follows:

  1. Name:  Suffolk Construction
    Address: 65 Allerton Street, Boston, MA 02119
    Phone:  617-517-4425
    Contact: Timothy White
  2. Name:  Walsh Construction Company
    Address: 2 Commercial Street, Sharon, MA 02067
    Phone:  339-230-4030
    Contact: Steven Nannini
  3. Name:  Barletta Heavy Division
    Address: 40 Shawmut Road Canton, MA 02021
    Phone:  781-821-6222
    Contact: Michael Foley

Suffolk Construction succeeded as the successful bidder and is now under contract for the Project.

Mattapan Square Station TOD - Mattapan, Boston, MA


Location / Site Description

The development site is the MBTA Mattapan Station surface parking area. This MBTA stop is the last stop on the Mattapan line, providing connectivity to the Red Line at Ashmont, and supports facilities for driving and walking commuters, MBTA maintenance facilities, and is a major hub for many neighborhood bus routes. The site is currently an underutilized parking facility of approximately 1.8 acres. Parking accommodations for between 50 - 100 commuters will have to be designed into any development that should also accommodate some transit-related retail.

Neighborhood Context

The MBTA has worked closely with the Mattapan community regarding necessary station renovations which are now complete, including the location of an MBTA police substation at the entrance to the station. The proposed development of the underutilized station parking area will complement the Mattapan Station renovation and complete the transformation of the station complex as a truly Transit Oriented Development that also serves to enhance the larger Mattapan community.

Planning Process and Development Potential

The MBTA has worked closely with the Boston Redevelopment Authority and local community representatives to develop a set of redevelopment (use and design) guidelines for the site. These use and design guidelines will become an integral part of the MBTA's Spring 2011 Invitation to Bid ( " ITB " ), offering this development opportunity to prospective developers and helping guide their proposals for reuse of the site. Uses that have been included are: residential, retail, office, and community service space.

Time Frame for Completion

The Mattapan Station Development offering is expected to be available through public bid in the Spring of 2011.  Any proposed development of the site will be subject to further City of Boston and community planning processes.

For more information about the Mattapan Square Station TOD, contact Massachusetts Realty Group at 617-316-1654 or email throught their website. 

Newburyport Station TOD - Newburyport and Newbury, MA


Location/ Site Description

The Newburyport MBTA Station is a potential TOD site with over twenty acres of land, located along Route 1 at the Newbury\Newburyport city boundary. The station serves the MBTA commuter rail and also provides parking for 814 vehicles.

Neighborhood Context

Comprehensive long-range master planning efforts have been undertaken by the city of Newburyport. The city is currently in the process of establishing a Smart Growth District to encourage growth in accordance with the purposes of M.G.L. Chapter 40R.  The city’s goal in establishing the Smart Growth District is to provide development at the Newburyport MBTA station characterized by a mix of residential and non-residential uses at a higher density than allowed in the general business districts of the city.

Planning Process and Development Potential

The City of Newburyport and the MBTA are working together to achieve the city’s goal of a Smart Growth District.  The MBTA is planning to issue an Invitation to Bid (ITB) in the Fall of 2010.  It’s the goal of the MBTA that the designated developer will work with the City of Newburyport to adopt the Smart Growth District at the MBTA Station area.

Time Frame for Completion

The community planning effort is ongoing. Once complete, an Invitation to Bid ("ITB") for the development of the various sites will be issued during the first quarter of 2011.

For more information about the Newburyport Station TOD, contact Massachusetts Realty Group at 617-316-1654 or email through their website.

Forest Hills, Boston, MA



The Forest Hills station is a multi-modal transportation facility located at the end of the MBTA Orange Line in the Jamaica Plain section of Boston, MA. The MBTA owns Parcels S, U, V and W which surround the station area. The property is part of the remaining land after the development of the Southwest Corridor project, a depression of the old elevated Orange Line from South Cove to Forest Hills.

Planning Process

In 2008, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, with the participation of the MBTA and local community groups, completed the Forest Hills Improvement Initiative. The goals of the initiative included promoting a mix of residential and business growth, preservation of open space, and developing Use and Design Guideline for the surrounding area. The Forest Hills Use and Design Guidelines were issued as part of the Invitation to Bid for the Forest Hills TOD sites and can be viewed using the following link:

Download the Forest Hills Improvement Initiative

Development Potential

The Boston Redevelopment Authority’s (BRA) Use and Guidelines for the Forest Hill project allow for the development of multi-family residential, retail, office and commuter parking to accommodate over 400,000 square feet on the MBTA sites.

Time Frame for Completion

The first phase of development, Parcels V and W, were awarded to a designated developer in April of 2009. The proposed project includes 46,000 sf of commercial development and is anticipated to begin construction in the Fall of 2010.

The next phase of development is planned for Parcel U.  The BRA Use and Design Guidelines allow for a development to include 120 residential units and 15,000 sf of commercial space.  An Invitation to Bid for Parcel U is planned for the first quarter of 2011.

For more information about the Forest Hills TOD, contact Massachusetts Realty Group at 617-316-1654 or email through their website.

JFK / UMass Station


On December 7, 2007 the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, (“MBTA”) invited interested parties to bid on the lease of development rights over approximately 4.5 acres of land located at the JFK / UMass Station at the intersection of Morrissey Boulevard and Columbia Road in Boston, Massachusetts.

Shortly after publication of the offering, the Boston Redevelopment Authority began a planning effort encompassing all of Columbia Point, including the MBTA.  On March 18, 2008 the MBTA suspended the offering indefinitely.

The BRA study, which is nearing completion, addresses all relevant planning issues for Columbia Point.  To promote its strong TOD potential, the BRA has made specific recommendations for the MBTA property.  These include the construction of a public road through the site,  provision of greatly improved pedestrian access through the site from Sidney Street, and inclusion of specific urban design elements to enhance the public domain for all of Columbia Point.  To make these financially feasible the BRA suggests increasing slightly the allowable density and significantly the allowable height.

Upon completion of the BRA work, the site offering will be re-issued.