Transit Projects

 LaGrange Street Commuter Rail Bridge Reconstruction Project 

Executive Summary: 

MBTA Contract No. B92PS07 involves the reconstruction of the Needham Commuter Rail Line Bridge over LaGrange Street, in Boston, Massachusetts. The design contract was awarded to the Louis Berger Group as part of five (5) Bridges in 2008. Currently design is complete along with construction on all of the other Bridges. LaGrange Street Bridge is the final Bridge to be completed as part of the five bridge program.

Project Scope: 

This project will involve the replacement of the existing steel superstructure, lowering of the roadway, installation of new sidewalks and handicapped curb cuts on LaGrange Street, and masonry cleaning and restoration of the existing abutments. This work will contribute to raising the vertical clearance of the bridge from the existing dimension of 13’4” to a height of 14’. Work will also include the temporary relocation of signal and conduits on the bridge before being placed on to the new structure. It is anticipated that replacement of the superstructure will occur over a long weekend. A temporary extension of the existing pier will be constructed as a staging area for the new superstructure before it is put into its final place. 

Project Schedule:  

Anticipated Advertisement- March 2015
Anticipated NTP- July 2015
Anticipated Substantial Completion- July 2016


Project Update: 

The project is currently at the 100% design level and has received approval from the City of Boston Public Improvements Commission (PIC). Currently project office is compiling bid documents for anticipated advertisement in March of 2015.