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Guild Street Bridge - Franklin Line


Executive Summary:

The Guild Street Bridge carries the Franklin Commuter Rail Line service over Guild Street in Norwood, MA. The project includes design/engineering services, and construction. HNTB Corporation was selected as the engineering firm responsible for design. Aetna Bridge Company is the selected contractor the bridge construction.

Guild.St.Bridge.Before   Guild.St.Bridge.Present
Before   Present



Project Scope:

The current bridge over Guild Street consists of a riveted steel thru-girder superstructure constructed in 1896 supported by granite block abutments. The existing structure is reaching the end of its useful life and is structurally obsolete due to fatigue rating. The bridge is presently under construction. The superstructure will be replaced with a new steel thru-girder system, while taking advantage of accelerated bridge techniques. The existing granite block abutment is being rehabilitated as part of this project, including masonry re-pointing and cleaning.

Project Schedule (Anticipated):

Notice to Proceed (NTP) for construction was granted in April 2016 for $3,951,500.00.

Construction Substantial Completion is expected late May 2017

Project Update:

Construction has been ongoing since April 2016. Construction thus far has included installation of soil anchors through existing granite block abutments along with reinforced walls placed in front of existing abutments. Currently the new steel through girder superstructure is being assembled on an adjacent staging site and will be rolled into place the third week of April utilizing accelerated bridge construction techniques.

Starting the afternoon of April 21st Guild Street will be closed to vehicular traffic in preparation of the bridge roll in. The last Franklin Commuter train will pass over the bridge at approximately 8 PM that night with rail traffic being restored for the first trains on Monday April, 24th. The expected sequence of events is as follows:

  • Shutdown Guild Street to Vehicular Traffic – Friday, April 21st at approximately 12 PM.
  • Last train passes over Guild Street Bridge- Friday, April 21st at approximately 8 PM.
  • Demolition of existing tracks and bridge structure begins – Friday, April 21st at approximately 9 PM.
  • Placement of new abutment caps – Saturday, April 22nd throughout the day.
  • Roll in of new superstructure begin – Saturday, April 23rd at approximately 1 AM.
  • Roll in of new superstructure complete – Saturday, April 23rd at approximately 8 AM.
  • Tracks in service and train traffic resumes – Sunday, April 24th at approximately 3 AM.

It is expected that the following outbound trains on Friday night the 21st  will be bused from Norwood Depot south: #727, 729, & 731 while the following outbound will be bused on Friday night the 21st: #728, 730, & 732. All trains Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd will leave South Station and terminate at Norwood Depot for bussing south. All inbound trains will be bused to Norwood Depot and continue via train to South Station. Detailed information regarding expected train schedules is attached.

Service updates are updated through the MBTA operations center on the MBTA website,