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Shawsheen River Bridges Reconstruction Project

Executive Summary:

Contract No. B03CN01 involves reconstruction of the two historic arch bridges, Bridge No. A-09-049 at M.P.19.93, and A-09-044 at M.P.22.09, over the Shawsheen River in Andover, Massachusetts. These Railroad Bridges carry the West Route Commuter Rail Service, Amtrak Service from Boston to Maine and Pan Am Freight Service. J.F. White Contracting Company was the lowest responsible and eligible bidder with a contract bid of a sum not to exceed $10,926,000.00. The MBTA Board of Directors approved Contract No. B03CN01 in August 2012. NTP was issued on September 28, 2012.

Project Scope:

The proposed reconstruction of these historic arch bridges involve preserving the arch in place while providing steel superstructure buried within the arch and supported on drilled shafts outside the arch envelope to carry the train loads. This recommendation, for both structures, has been approved by the Andover Preservation Commission and the Massachusetts Historic Commission. The construction will be performed in two phases. At present there is only one track in service. The arch will be supported from underside while the new bridge is placed in the future Track No. 2 location. Service will be moved over to Track No. 2 for the contractor to place the new bridge in the existing Track No. 1 location. One (1) track will be in service at a time until the contractor completes all work including work in the river and rehabilitation of the stone arch. For work that foul the track, work windows are specified during day and night which allows revenue and freight service within designated rush hours in the morning and evening. Amtrak and MBTA will bus during scheduled track outages. The contractor is directed to perform masonry repairs to the arch after the completion of both phases.

Project Schedule:

Phase I Substantial Completion – May 2013
Phase II Substantial Completion – September 2013
Entire Project Completion – September 2014

Project Update:


At Mile Points 19.93 and 22.09, Phase I bridges were placed on May 11, 2013 and Phase II bridges were placed on September 14, 2013. The Authority has resumed service back on Track No. 1. Masonry repair/reconstruction is in progress.



Please see the attached link  for service outages for the entire project duration. Refer to service alerts for revisions/modifications to this schedule of outages. Detailed information on the service outages is listed under MBTA Service Alerts for the Haverhill Commuter Rail Line.


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