Transit Projects

Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Project Overview:

Through its real estate asset management firm (Massachusetts Realty Group) the MBTA’s has issued a Request for Proposals/Invitation for Bids to design, develop and operate solar Photovoltaic Power Generation Facilities on the top story of the newly constructed Wonderland Station Parking Garage in Revere, Massachusetts and 21 acres in Readville Yard 5, Dedham Massachusetts.

Solar PanelThe MBTA seeks to promote the development of renewable energy including solar photovoltaic facilities on its property for its own use. As the largest electricity consumer in Massachusetts, the MBTA has focused on the development of a system wide approach to implement energy efficiency programs with a goal of clean renewable energy development on its large real estate holdings.

The Wonderland Station Parking Garage site will incorporate solar panels on the top level of the garage and will generate a minimum 220kW of electric power. Readville Yard 5 will have ground mounted solar arrays that will produce a minimum of 750 kW of electric power and with the potential as much as 2.4mW. The length of the agreement will be for 20 years. The MBTA will use all the power via net metering agreements.


Sealed Bids are due by May 24, 2012. The contract will be awarded in the fall of 2012 and the sites will go live within a year from the date the contract is awarded.

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