Transit Projects

Littleton Station

The Littleton Station has long been stymied by lack of parking and limited service frequency. The Fitchburg Commuter Rail project will provide for significant improvements including construction of a fully accessible high level, center island platform, new and expanded parking and an enclosed overhead walkway (with ramp system). Station amenities will include new signage, train approaching warning systems, variable message signs, new platform lighting, and electric car charging facilities. Through a cooperative effort with the Massachusetts Department of Housing & Economic Development the parking has been expanded to over 200 spaces.

The station project was coordinated with the Town of Littleton, including its Planning Board, Historic District Commission and an active and engaged citizen station advisory committee.

Construction commenced in late 2011, and the new Littleton Station was opened in June 2013. Operational changes will follow in 2016 that will include increased service frequencies as Littleton will serve as the new turn back station for services that do not extend to Fitchburg.

(revised 7/8/14)

Construction of overhead walkwayConstruction of center island platform

 Construction of improvements underway at Littleton Station.