Transit Projects

Green Line Extension (GLX) Project

Project Description

The Green Line Extension (GLX) Project will extend the MBTA Green Line from a relocated Lechmere Station in East Cambridge to Union Square in Somerville and College Avenue in Medford. While proposals to extend public transit service north from Lechmere date back many decades, the current phase of planning began in 2005 with the completion of the MBTA's Beyond Lechmere Northwest Corridor Study Major Investment Study/Alternatives Analysis. Bringing MBTA light rail service to this corridor will greatly improve local and regional mobility, address longstanding transportation inequities, result in fewer automobiles on local roads, and help to combat greenhouse gas emissions and other components of air pollution. The Green Line Extension Project will also support municipal plans for sustainable growth and urban redevelopment and provide residents of environmental justice communities with faster rides to jobs and other destinations.

The proposed service consists of two distinct branches: a “mainline" branch which will operate within the existing right-of-way of the MBTA Lowell Line, beginning at a relocated Lechmere Station in Cambridge and traveling north to Medford; and a branch line operating within the existing right-of-way of the MBTA Fitchburg Line to Union Square in Somerville. There will be seven new stations constructed as part of the project, including the relocated Lechmere Station. A vehicle storage and maintenance facility will also be constructed.  Once completed, trains will operate every five to six minutes in the peak periods, providing fast and efficient service to downtown Boston.

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