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Assembly Station

Project # X08CN04

Project Status: In Construction
Last Updated July 2014


As of July 1, 2014, the Assembly Station Project has completed the new southbound track, which is now in service. The rebuilt northbound track is scheduled to go into service on July 21, 2014. Assembly Station is targeting a summer 2014 opening date and substantial completion is anticipated in November 2014.

Project Overview

The Assembly Square redevelopment district in Somerville is the site  of a proposed large-scale, mixed-use redevelopment project which will contain residential units, retail and office space, and a hotel. Construction will result with a new station on the Orange Line between Wellington and Sullivan Square. This project will be done by S&R Enterprises, Inc. and will cost $29,229,184 to complete. Funding for the new station has been established through a public/private partnership with state and federal agencies, as well as the developer Federal Realty Investment Trust.
Throughout construction, scheduled diversions are necessary in order to keep construction on schedule. Notification of these diversions will be given at least two weeks prior through service advisories posted in Orange Line stations, online at, public announcements within stations, and reminders via T-Alerts and Twitter @MBTA.





Impacts of Construction

  • Slower train speed between Wellington and Sullivan Square 
  • Suspended subway service beginning at approximately 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday from July 6, 2014, through August 28, 2014.
  • Weekend diversions scheduled for July 19-20 and August 9-10 

Benefits of Project

  • Construction of 2,100 residential units
  • Construction of more than 2.75 million square feet of retail and office space
  • Construction of 200-room hotel
  • Regional transit access and alternative to auto traffic  

 Schedule of Construction

April 2012: Construction begins 
April 2014: Completion of residential buildings and hotel (completed)  
February 2013: Reconstruction of track, trail, and signal work
Fall 2014: Construction to be completed 

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