For public safety reasons, Boylston and Park Street Stations will be closed today at approximately 12:00 PM    

For public safety reasons, Boylston and Park Street Stations will be closed today at approximately 12:00 PM    
Transit Projects

Assembly Station

Project # X08CN04

Project Status: In Construction
Last Updated: May 2015
Computer rendering of Assembly Station


Assembly Station was opened to customers on Tuesday, September 2, 2014.

Project Overview

Rendering of Assembly StationThe Assembly Square redevelopment district in Somerville is the site of a large-scale, mixed-use redevelopment project that will contain residential units, retail and office space, and a hotel. Construction resulted in a new station on the Orange Line between Wellington and Sullivan Square. This project is being done by S&R Enterprises, Inc. and costs $29,229,184 to complete. Funding for the new station has been established through a public/private partnership with state and federal agencies, as well as the developer Federal Realty Investment Trust.
Throughout construction, scheduled diversions were necessary in order to keep construction on schedule. Notification of these diversions was given at least two weeks prior through service advisories posted in Orange Line stations, online at, public announcements within stations, and reminders via T-Alerts and Twitter @MBTA
Some weekday evening diversions beginning at approximately 8:45 p.m. through the end of service will continue post-opening as the Project performs infrastructure repairs along the Right of Way. These infrastructure repairs include the installation of temporary third-rail heaters, junction box installation, traction power switching installation, and fence reconfiguration. 
The Assembly Project performed station work during six evenings in April 2015, where Orange Line trains bypassed Assembly Station.  The project also scheduled weekend diversions in April and May 2015 so that crews could continue station construction. Tasks performed include electrical work, elevator and accessibility improvements, glass installation, and platform work. MBTA Track, Signal, Power, and Facilities Departments additionally utilized these diversions to perform important Right of Way enhancements. The last scheduled weekend diversion for the Assembly project is May 30-31.

Benefits of Project 

  • Construction of 2,100 residential units
  • Construction of more than 2.75 million square feet of retail and office space
  • Construction of 200-room hotel
  • Regional transit access and alternative to auto traffic   

Schedule of Construction

April 2012: Construction begins
April 2014: Completion of residential buildings and hotel (completed)
February 2013: Reconstruction of track, trail, and signal work
September 2014: Station opened
September-December 2014: Continued infrastructure improvements
May 2015: Continued station and accessibility improvements

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